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bull58 #1 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 23:47


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Here are a few things that i see wrong with game. Maps like Great wall Glacier and Paris need to go away. Bring back old swamp map. Add a couple of Historic maps like Arden's forest Battle of the Bulge. Make maps more TD and arty Friendly as well for Heavy's and Mediums . I think the Biggest problem is unbalanced teams.Like i have been keeping track of battles and it seems that players with high battle averages are all most on just one team. Have some kind of in depth Tutorial on showing players leaving Flanks open cost battles lose every time. give them some kind of reward for doing the tutorial. 

WIZD #2 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 01:00

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While that may be nice and what some of the community would like to see. WG has stated they prefer the corridor maps they aren't going anywhere. The corridor maps promote the 2 key. As for MM it was supposed to be fixed within 6 months like 5 months ago so we'll see.

cKy_ #3 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 01:23


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Glacier is a good map.

FrDashing #4 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 01:31

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2019 looks promising!

shrineking1 #5 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 17:08


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Hello Wargaming and fellow Tankers!


I have been playing this game for 8 years now and really feel I have invested a large amount of stock (Money & Time) in this game and really wish to see it succeed. To help identify improvements I will attempt to list the problems I see through playing the game, how it creates the problem, and a potential fix.


Core Issues


Overall Balance - As this game continues to bring in new material and tanks, balance should forever be a concentration. I do not mean balancing simply by what is Meta or most commonly played tanks but rather the entire game experience. For this there are 3 major components I see.

  • Tank Power - Every tank tends to have a niche it is filling in or is designed for. While these traits are apparent in the game they are not leveled out by other tanks impacting the ability of this. For example the T54E1 was a wonderful heavy hitting medium with armor potential about 2 years ago. After multiple new tanks lines, enhancements to older tanks, and new premiums it now is just sub par in performance where even the heavy hitting side of it no longer is real due to tanks having significantly better armor and maneuverability these days. I recommend reviewing and re-balancing tanks that are older than 2 years. While of course this will be a lot of tanks the focus should be average armor from the tanks released or modified over the last 2 years and then balance the armor, speed, and gun/ammo performance accordingly. For Example a Tier 9 tanks having at best 254 Penetration and top speed of 40 Km h is just inadequate at this day. Modifying more to like 275 pen and 50 Km h would be more accurate. 
  • Player / Tank Skill - We have a wide variety of player skill and even then a wider variety given by players skill in certain tanks. Having no view of this for Match Making just causes one sided battles especially with more recent tanks being high damage and faster around the field. Due to each tank having its own agenda on the field that would impact certain ratings the only factor that is level set across is experience earned. I recommend having match making look at average experience earned in the tank for what was queued. Then attempt to balance in alignment with Tank Type Balancing. 
  • Tank Type - Currently the game looks at tanks being of 5 main types (Heavy, Medium, Light, Tank Destroyer, and SPG) While I can see and appreciate the simplicity of this, in a good chunk of my matches as of late I run into games being 7 heavies / 3 Tank Destoryers / 3 SPG / 2 Mediums or other very similar break downs just of different types. This does not lead to very balanced matches based on maps. For example, if a map is more open field and it is stacked with heavies and spgs then it just ruined the experience for heavies as shown in the number model I gave. As we have limits with SPG's we should have focus and limitations of all the tank types. This could also consider map strengths for allowed tank numbers but as mentioning balancing the strengths/weaknesses should be very similar if not the same so my recommendation would be a model more like this: MAX Counts: 4 Heavies , 4 Mediums, 4 Tank Destroyers, 3 SPG, and 2 Lights. This allows for no one type to become overly powerful in the match on either side and should help maintain balance of win rates along with mission capabilities. To give some insight to what I mean about mission capability the play your tank right for lights if in a match where there are 4 lights on each side your opportunity to spot 4 without being spotted is pretty much less than 10%. While there is only 2 on each side you have about a 30 to 40% rough average due to not only your other scout impacting your chances but theirs as well.


Match Making - Match making is obviously a key foundation to the lifeline of the game as it is what is determining how and who we will fight (at least should if we think about our matches before they start and while they are active). Matches have been very one sided as of late and are being resolved far to quickly. My common match time is usually less than 3 minutes and I am typically one of the last 5 to die on my team. Since there are 15 minutes in a match I believe a goal of having a match average to 7 minutes should be good for play experience of our players. This of course gets more tricky to identify and will require a lot of testing to figure it out. Some things I believe hold a impact related to Match Making I will list below but note some of the items are as mentioned above. To accomodate I will list the first item very simply:

  • Balance - See above for balance but note this in particular is to say balancing matches by Tier counts and some tank types is simply not enough. I recommend balancing by Players Tank Skill Level by average experience, All tank types, and Tier refinements.
  • Tier Counts - Pretty sure everyone has mentioned something in the last 2 months about the 3 / 5 / 7 rule. While I like the idea of not letting Top Tier tanks overpower matches the issue I see is not the counts here but rather the amount of probability to be the 7 in this general rule. This will get finicky based on Tiers as we dont have a lot of players at certain tiers and we have far to many at other tiers (Stat padders I am looking at you :popcorn: ;) For example if we attempted to make this like 30% of your matches will be top 3, 35% will be mid 5, and 35% will be bottom 7 by implementing another rule validation the issue will be loading out the bottom tier for everyone with this. So queue times will take significantly longer (This is my guess of course) and we always run the chance it just wont work. Based on this over all conflict I recommend not sticking to the 3 / 5 / 7 rule nor return to the old model that would have 7 / 5 / 3. Instead I would start by changing the tier range entirely. Instead of a +2 / -2 range Make it +1 / -1 for all tanks. Yes this means in other words I am saying make ALL TANKS Preferential. As certain premiums are already Preferential they will not need adjustments. The Premiums that are exceptional even with the +2 / -2 range and even normal tanks in the game will probably need balancing "nerfing" to accommodate. Due to this range it could now be matches of 7 / 8, 8/ 7, 5 / 10, 10 / 5, and all 15 without the experience being horrible for the players. The reason I recommend this is a few things:
    • ​Reduce impact of "Special Ammo" expected changes
    • Reduce Match Making queue balancing time taken
    • Allow for better balance off of tank type
    • Increase chance to focus on balance of tanks all around
    • Ease the math required to balance off of player skill in a tank and tier of that player on the matches impact. (I.E. Player being highest rate in top tier with best "Over Powered" tank you can have)
    • Allow more leniency for new or uninformed players 


Quality of life

Missions - Missions have become a key part of the game allowing for easier progression for players which is wonderful. Some of the experience I have had has been impacted via Match Making, Tank Types, Ease of Identification, and capability to complete. To enhance the overall experience I recommend the following:

  • Allow filtering from the garage to make the mission count and quick reference not show everything but rather the ones the player found important. For example mine shows tournament yet I am not participating but I want to focus on the play your tank right. When looking at the mission marker in the garage it shows me the top 5 from the tournament. I would like to click on missions and filter which ones I dont want to see or try to track to allow better focus and ease of identification.
  • Once a player filters allow them a menu or identifier in the match to see which one they are on. Does not have to include progression towards during the match. For example a small text line up on the far right side or even just under the team list to say I am on medium 301 which requires 5 hits and 2 kills. 
  • If not changing the balance information above I would like the missions to be reviewed to scale down as they are heavily impacted by match making and tank types. For example a light having to spot 4 tanks without ever being spotted is really hard when there are 8 lights in a match. This also gets compounded by tank types as some players believe lights should just run around quickly spot and dont care if they get spotted as well as it gives them credit to their scores. To assist with recommendation I would list the following:
    • ​Lights - Spot without being spotted at any time during the match. Does not require you to stay hidden the entire time till you have reached the needed amount. Or just simply turn it into damage assistance equal or greater than the tanks health.
    • Tank Destroyers - Remove the stay alive portion as this requires the match to be a win more often than not and that is a large limitation with something you the player have no real control over. To give an example I have played over the last few days with a Unicom rating, 5 K/D, average of 2 kills a match and got less than 40% win rate.
    • Heavies - Get rid of the blocked as its just dumb in today's games. So many tanks are running "Special" ammo and High Explosives. There are also a large number of heavies that wont get to block at all but will put damage out there. Keep the focus of hitting a heavy but changed the blocked into something like half your hitpoints in damage or even 100% then the harder ones are 150% your HP. The other option is to make something like just block a shot and eventually block 3 shots. The HP side of it makes it very difficult with the average game play. 
    • Mediums - Just reduce the complexity by having it not require hits against other targets but rather just hits in total. Should not have to try and run around to hit 6 different targets but rather just keep plucking away as much as I can and still earn 3 kills. Currently this model makes players not focus and not even care about supporting your team or removing guns off the field as getting the 6 target hits is harder then just waiting to snipe a last hit kill.
    • SPG - For the love of your players include them! There is no respect or consideration being given here. Totally understand there just isn't a lot of spg options so the grind is pretty straight forward but at least give them something to earn rewards on and even tune the 401 down if that is the case. Maybe have like 4k experience given?
  • Another easy fix for some of the issues I have been experience for Missions would be to make the final experience earned be given as Free Experience. This will allows players to play tanks that are good at the mission type for completion rather then attempt to play tanks they want but are not good at the style such as active scouts trying to be passive.

Store - Please allow the specials found on wargaming website to be available in the store. It is tiring to have to check back and forth. Also please allow in game gold to count as an option to purchase as that is why we buy the gold in the first place.

Tank Type Indication - While the 5 types are nice to have and identify it is leading to common expectations in the game that has players believe each type fits certain criteria. For example medium tanks have multiple roles among them such as sniper, brawler, flanker, even counter scout. I would like to see this indication show in the game for players so they will know not to waste time in a match yelling and screaming at a sniping medium for not being at the front line brawling. To help with ideas on this these are the following ideas I have come up with:

  • Lights - Combat, Passive, Active, Sniper
  • Mediums - Brawler, Sniper, Flanker, Counter Scout
  • Heavies - Sniper, Brawler, Super, Speedsters
  • Tank Destroyers - Heavy, Sniper, Stealth Ninja Assassins, Boom Cannons (OK fine Glass Cannons) 
  • SPG - Normal and Close Range


These really are the key things i feel overall will keep the game alive and help build the population as it becomes more enjoyable not only to the long time players but to new ones as well. If any of you have read all of this I thank you wholeheartedly!


Wargaming I really do hope you consider this information and recommendations. If there is more information or even evidence you would like to see please let me know as I do have some. Just takes a lot of time to try and get it focused and sent.


Thank you,


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