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Momentary Full-size map

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maxman1 #1 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 00:21


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It would be nice if there was an option to view a full size map, like with missions and team compositions.

KatzeWolf #2 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 00:52

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There is a mod for that, cant remember what its called but its in Aslain's mod pack.



dunniteowl #3 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 04:15


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If you go to your game client and bring up the Settings.  On the General Tab in the right hand section that says Battle Interface.  At the bottom of that section there is a part about the Minimap.  There are three tab boxes for the Minimap.  The middle one allows you to select "Tips on the Battle Loading Screen."  Select Minimap.


This is not the Large Map you're asking for, however it's a Larger Map than the minimap displayed during play.  It shows:  Team Compositions (as the usual loading screen does), the Larger Minimap, the Cap Circle(s) and Spawn Points.


I don't run mods, so this is the best I can offer.



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