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Sheridan vs WZ-132-1

Sheridan WZ-132-1 Light Tank T10

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NomaeTheJester #1 Posted Jan 13 2019 - 01:00


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I often see people saying the WZ-132-1 is better than the Sheridan, but I don't understand why? It seems to me that the only practical advantage the WZ-132-1 has is that it is a slightly smaller target than the Sheridan. The Sheridan has more DPM, Gun Depression (by a ton), view range, acceleration, and traverse speed. I know the WZ-132-1 has a little turret armor, if the shot hits towards the edges, but the Sheridan's spaced armor occasionally eats HEAT rounds, and makes you much less likely to be one shot by Type 5s and FV4005s. So if armor kinda balances out, and the Sheridan is better in every other aspect, what makes the WZ so good?


Before anyone says camo, the WZ has 1.5% better  (14.5% vs 16%). Sorry but a 6 meter difference in when you get spotted doesn't convince me.

death_stryker #2 Posted Jan 13 2019 - 01:33

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Haven't played either tank, but from my experiences dealing with them the WZ's turret is really quite reliable. Tanks.gg also suggests that the WZ does better against large-caliber HE by virtue of armor thickness (but not HEAT, obviously).


However, looking at their stats the Sheridan does still seem stronger. The spaced armor bait is also a nice bonus.

vonluckner #3 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 10:09


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Sheridan armor is protection against HE.  Sheridan hull even gives a pretty good chance of survival against 183 HESH, while other lights are basically praying for a track hit. Armor inspector indicates that 183 premium is going to top out around 1000dmg against a Sheridan unless the shot hits the turret, or an area not covered. WZ-132-1 has better armor and similar protection against HE, but is less resistant to HE to the side and rear (but much better turret).


I dont believe Sheridan spaced armor really has any effect on HEAT at all. Definitely not T10 HEAT except at very crazy angles. What you're probably encountering is people shooting inert parts of the tank. The actual hull hitbox is much smaller than it looks- the rear is angled downwards and the hull only overhangs the tracks at the turret ring. The Sheridan is probably quite a bit smaller than the Rhm. in practice.


With that said, the WZ-132-1 can probably poke from hull down more confidently, especially against lower tier tanks. Sheridan really needs to stay unspotted or ignored to leverage its DPM advantage.

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