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Found my calling

bacon light unicum zoom zoom pew pew

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AdmrHackett #1 Posted Jan 13 2019 - 12:21


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Been experimenting with all sorts of tanks finding my footing coming back to PC after joining the console peasants 5 years ago. On console balance there makes PC look like a picture perfect dream. TDs dominate with their 850 alpha guns, the Waffle autoloader still exists, the Deathstar still has 275 pen WITH the more recent buffs and that’s just the tier 10 TDs. It’s a bit of an adjustment going from TD/autloader dominance to the more balanced tanks here, though leaning towards heavy armor because of premium ammo issues (Type 5 I’m looking at you). Though that’s not really why I’m posting this thread here. Point is I’ve finally found the role and class I can excel the most at. I’ve found light tanks to be my most effective class.


Currently having great fun with US and French lights. While French lights aren’t quite the powerful stealth assassins they once were. Would at least like some of my potential clip damage back. Been on track to the T57 Heavy and the T71 DA is as amazing on PC as on console. Had a pretty good record with the T21 too, though I don’t get why the M7 or T21 don’t get light tank camo. While some may hang back and farm damage for easy stat padding I actually go out there either passive scouting in my Frenchies or active scouting with my American lights. Yet I can still manage super unicum lvl stats in my mid tier lights. Light tanks are fast, adrenaline fueled joy rides that never seem to disappoint. Hoping to get 3 moes in my T71 DA within my 1st 100 battles in it.


My 1st best T71 DA match so far: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4727344#prokhorovka-admrhackett-t71

KingOfBadlands #2 Posted Jan 13 2019 - 12:36

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I feel that way also about finding the tank that matches a player and their personality.

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