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Son__Of__Anarchy #21 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 09:16


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View PostKlaatu_Nicto, on Jan 15 2019 - 08:25, said:


I was referring to World of War Ships. Sounds like you're thinking of World of War Planes. I have a flight  control setup but I still sucked with the planes so I only played a few battles.


I find WOWS balanced but these changes may turn aircraft carriers into the equivalent of WOT's arty but worse. I'll find out next week if I wasted my money on that game like I did WOT. 


ah yes, i was mentioning warplanes, thats right..

warships i never played, though i am tempted to start some time..


well, that sounds "nasty".. lets just hope it wont happen..

i hate arty in WoT, and even while i am close to research 2 tier Xs of them, i would rather see them getting removed from the game.. and i wouldnt even ask a refund for my credits and exp..

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