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Need to Improve


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LowBridge #1 Posted Jan 14 2019 - 20:03


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I'll start off by giving you my stats from the last 1000 battles (WIN8 1725, WR 51.3%) current total game WIN8 1573 with 19K battles.  I am stuck at this level with minimal improvement, with this said I am looking for a clan with better players then me and are willing to give me feedback and help me improve so that I can become a contributing member of the team.


I work a lot, but I try and play most nights (EST) however my late nights would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I have TS and Discord and a good number of tier X tanks, but I believe I have some gaps for current meta game play, but again with direction more than willing to grind out what I need to so I can close these gaps.


Feel free to drop me a PM


Desert_Fox_1969 #2 Posted Jan 14 2019 - 20:06


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Check us out:


HHOUR is our “Social Clan”.
- Players of all skill level are welcome to join.
- There are no requirements to participate in any activities,


D-DAY is our “Competitive Clan”.
1) D-DAY conducts activities including Clan Wars, Advances, Strongholds, Training, Games, & other events.
2) Members must have a recent WN8 of *1000+ and at least 1 viable Clan Wars tank.

We recruit through TS: Jump in and chat with one of us.



We finished in 28th for Season 9 and 53rd Season 10 (we were using the season for training, not seriously pushing the map) and we have very good relationships with some top clans.  For the upcoming season we're looking to push hard, so you'd be getting in at just the right time.

Drop by Teamspeak and meet the guys.


Main thing with us is that while we will play very hard to be competitive,  we're here to have fun.  It's just a game, and real life still comes first.

Here's the recruiting thread:


Devildog8 #3 Posted Jan 14 2019 - 20:07


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PM sent as asked

JBLS_Pro #4 Posted Jan 14 2019 - 20:19


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I PMed you

cloudwalkr #5 Posted Jan 14 2019 - 21:46


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Hey lowbridge, hope you're doing well today bud.  I run free training sessions on Tuesday evenings.  Any are welcome to join and we can go over any game mechanics you aren't sure about.  We go over replays to help figure out possible mistakes and ways to improve. We go over maps, side scraping...whatever is brought up.


im not some super Unicom like some of the truly high level players, but I maybe able to give some pointers.


this invitation is generally open to anyone, all I require is that people show up with positive attitudes and no talk of rigged this or rigged that.  Absolutely no trolling as well.  Send me a pm in game if this sounds interesting.

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