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Tundra - CTD

Crash CrashToDesktop

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Outcasted_Souls #1 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 02:24


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Crashed to desktop upon loading Tundra in the FV4005,
Kept trying to reload the game, and proceeded to crash to desktop upon relaunching and loading into the map I have tried about four times without any success before the match had ended which I was then able to successfully relogin to the game,
Currently I am unsure if this is just on my end or if anyone else has had this issue on the 1.4 common test server

xrays_ #2 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 02:53


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Just happened to me as well... Crashed with no notice, tried to relaunch and the same thing happened when logging in. Serious bug.



Ferdilanz #3 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 07:45


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Had this happen to the enemy team and most of my own team. Then just now I crashed on load and tried getting back in to no avail. Serious, gamebreaking bug.

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