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CTD when I enter into a game. Also when I transfer crew.


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TeutonicNite #1 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 05:49


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I'm reporting here that I have crashed to the desktop on multiple occasions.  I crash when I enter into a battle, when I transfer any member of my crew, and anytime I minimize.  I have cleared cache, reinstalled game, and started up in safe mode. I've also shut down most of the programs running in the background.  Nothing seems to make a difference.  I also play world of warships and have had no crashes in that game with settings at the highest setting.   Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?



The_Illusive_Man #2 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 06:42


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So, this the Live server, or the CT? 


Whats your pc specs?


Operating System:
Processor (CPU)[model, clock]: 
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TeutonicNite #3 Posted Jan 18 2019 - 22:32


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On live server.  


Running through options with support, they said it sounds like a connection issue so they've had me open ports, reset my modom, my router, everything.  clear internet cache.  All sorts of stuff.  I've checked and re-verified if I have all the files.  So far nothing fixes the issue which is this:


Join game, crash within 5 seconds.


Can rejoin said game and play rest of that round fine.


If I buy ammo, I crash.


If I change crew- I crash.


If I change the exterior of my tank, I'm fine for some reason.


If I sell a tank - I crash


If I buy a tank - Crash.  


Any ideas on what this could be?

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