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WOT Is A Game of Advantage - And Warfare Isn't Fair

Premium Rounds Advantage Snowflakes

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WileyCat #81 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 02:18


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View PostDoomSquatch, on Jan 16 2019 - 14:45, said:

Recently I was accused of "Abusing Gold Rounds" by an opposing player.  I responded by telling him that in Desert Storm we used Depleted Uranium rounds....and the Iraqis never complained.


But the guy literally trolled me for days.  It was comical at first, but then I realized that this player, and plenty more it seems, sincerely believe that the use of premium rounds is some sort of unethical act.  Unfair.  A way to cheat.  In their minds "Abusing Gold Rounds" is a very real and socially loathsome offense.


And then I learn that WOT is seriously working on a way to de-emphasize the use of premium rounds to appease this Snowflake Brigade.


So I'll point out that this is a bad precedent.  Where does it stop?


You see, at it's core, WOT IS A Game of Advantage.  And not just for the guy who can afford premium rounds.


What about the guy who:

1.  Has the faster computer, or

2.  Has Google Fiber, giving him a 1 GBS connection speed, or

3.  Lives 1000 miles closer to the NA server, or

4.  Has better perception, situational awareness, physical reflexes, and simply thinks faster; or

5. Has been playing the game longer, or

6. Has a better trained crew with BIA and other skills and perks, or

7. Can afford the best equipment, or

8. Can afford camouflage, or

9. Can afford to use consumable food every battle, or

10. Uses XVM to have the best in-battle intel, or

11. Any number of other things that gives him a competitive advantage over another player?


Are you going to take action sequentially over time to minimize all of these advantages?


For Pete's sake, Wargaming designed WOT to simulate Warfare.  And Warfare isn't Fair.  Warfare is an Arms Race where each side strives to field the most lethal forces with the best training, logistics, and operational support.


And we love it!


We work hard to grind through tank R&D to get the best modules - so we have an advantage.

We work hard to train our crews - so we have an advantage.

We work hard to learn as players, to develop our individual skills - so we have an advantage.


And that's just a start.  We invest a lot of money in this game too.  


And Wargaming loves it!


Yet now it seems that because of Snowflake complaints WOT wants to blunt the teeth of a legitimate game mechanic that is based on historical and current day real world tank warfare.


That's insane.


Who among us wants to be governed by the lowest common denominator?

Who wants to have some guys who are more prone to whine than to dig in and work to improve themselves as we did, dictate to us that we have to come down to their level?

Who wants to play with Snowflakes in a "socially acceptable" sandbox where socially acceptable is defined as not trying to gain advantage over your opponent?


Why not, instead, create a Vanilla Server for these kiddies?  Give them all tanks that are exactly the same.  Don't give them any game mechanic that would allow them to earn any advantage over the next guy.  Let them have exactly what they want.  And see how much revenue it generates.


Whatever you do, though, don't constrain long-standing and legitimate game mechanics for those of us who have invested months upon months of our time, take this game seriously, and play it with an adult perspective.



yo what division were you in desert storm my father was in the 1st infantry ground support for a bradley

awildseaking #82 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 03:14

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You're right about stating reality, but you could not possibly be more wrong about whether or not this system is a good thing. A game of advantages built exclusively around time and money is not a game worth playing and the death of NA (and SEA) and massive population loss across all servers over the past few years of horrible balance patches proves it. The very condition you decry (rule of the lowest common denominator) is ironically the status quo. Know how to play your tank? Sorry, someone who plays more, buys premium time, and doesn't need equipment/crew retraining/new tanks/modules can load full gold and invalidate your skill because he's been here since 2012, has 50k games, and doesn't care if he loses money while you still have 20 researched tanks you can't afford even though you always play to maximize credits and only buy on discount.


Nobody likes grinding. It is never fun to play on an unlevel playing field for reasons other than experience and skill. Only shills like you enjoy a game where you get to club new players for a significant period of time because their skill pales in comparison to the loss of capability from economy creep.

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