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SPG Shell Arc

SPG shell arc mechanics physics

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Trauglodyte #21 Posted Jan 17 2019 - 20:46


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You can do this.  The issue with it, though, is that the interface works based upon the angle of the gun, the level of the target location, and the location of the tank itself.  So, while you can prop yourself up to get a higher angle, it won't act as if you had an actual higher gun elevation.  It is weird and I can't quite explain it, outside of actual video evidence but it is easy enough to test using Mountain Pass.  Sit at the base of the ramp and fire a shot at a target location.  Then, inch up on the ramp to change the angle of your tank and fire again.  As long as you're in the sweet spot of the tank, you'll be fine.  The issue rears itself as you fire close to or further away from your tank - where the gun angle starts to flatten.

MI_LAD #22 Posted Jan 17 2019 - 22:14

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View PostSuckerPuncher, on Jan 17 2019 - 19:38, said:


like tank HP, or repair kits, or resurrection med kits, or spotting mechanics, or armor penetration, or traction physics, or mythical tanks or... 


too bad you make poor comparisons in your point - fact of the matter you still need direct los to shoot and hit a tank - arty shell arcs are as about fantasy as the wots version of the vehicle itself most of the fantasy physics components of the game toward tanks are actually a detriment, like driving up rocks and houses, dispersion values and the randomness of damage and pen 

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