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ENDUR - more than just tankers

Clan Social Semi-competitive Discord

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Spartinkiller101 #1 Posted Jan 18 2019 - 01:36


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ENDUR - Rejects From Another Time, is a social clan that is semi-competitive in strongholds and tournaments. The clan and it's allies are big on team play and co-operative work. We do not a a fixed schedule for strong holds and training, and are flexible for people who are not always available. At Endure, we know that variety in game-play is is healthy, and we are do not limit ourselves to just playing World of Tanks; if you decide to join our clan, you will be able to participate in other party and co-operative games, to keep things spicy. 


Eligibility Requirements:

1. Have a pulse

2. Have discord or be willing to learn how to use discord

3. Be willing to participate in clan activities when available (Real life comes first)

4. Have a sense of humor; if you are easily offended, this is not the clan for you

5. 3k plus Personal Rating with t6 and t8 tanks

6. The ability to take advice and criticism

7. This is a 14A clan, but there is no age cap



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