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Clan recruitment

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Zanarkand_C #1 Posted Jan 19 2019 - 01:11

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WotLabs.net (WN8) 

Overall -2153 

Recent - 2668 


United States 

T110E5 / T110E3 


Obj 268 / Obj 268 V4 / T100 LT / T62A / Obj 430U / Obj 907 / Obj 140 / K91 / Obj 705A / IS7 / Obj 260 / Obj 277 / IS4 / Obj 261 


Centurion AX / Super Conqueror / FV215 B / Badger / FV215 183 / FV4005 Stage II 


AMX 30 B / AMX 50 B / AMX M4 mle. 54 / AMX 50 Foch B / AMX 50 Foch (155) / Bat.-Chatillion 155 58 


TVP T50/51 


STB-1 / Type 5 Heavy 


WZ-132-1 / 121 / 113 / WZ-111 5A / WZ 113G FT 




Kranvagan / STRV 103B 


Progetto 65 

Desert_Fox_1969 #2 Posted Jan 19 2019 - 02:44


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Check us out !!!


HHOUR is our “Social Clan”.
- Players of all skill level are welcome to join.
- There are no requirements to participate in any activities,


D-DAY is our “Competitive Clan”.
1) D-DAY conducts activities including Clan Wars, Advances, Strongholds, Training, Games, & other events.
2) Members must have a recent WN8 of *1000+ and at least 1 viable Clan Wars tank.

We recruit through TS: Jump in and chat with one of us.



We finished in 28th for Season 9 and 53rd Season 10 (we were using the season for training, not seriously pushing the map) and we have very good relationships with some top clans.  For the upcoming season we're looking to push hard, so you'd be getting in at just the right time.

Drop by Teamspeak and meet the guys.


Main thing with us is that while we will play very hard to be competitive,  we're here to have fun.  It's just a game, and real life still comes first.

Here's the recruiting thread:


Slone #3 Posted Jan 19 2019 - 16:29


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Damned Demons (DD-S) is an established long running clan (though we've gone through a couple name changes) with a mature player base and a stable leadership. I think we're rated about #60. We play Strongholds and do Advances every night, and CW when it's available. We like to play competitively, but we all have real lives, family and jobs, so WoT is clearly a game, not an obligation. We like to joke, laugh and give each other a hard time, so if you have a thin skin, this isn't the clan for you. Here's a link to our recruiting thread with more info about our team:


Drop me a message if you have any questions or want additional information, or stop into our Team Speak and meet some of our folks, see if we'd be a good fit for each other.


Good Luck in your clan search.




Devildog8 #4 Posted Jan 19 2019 - 18:10


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Posted Image


Exiles is back: A division in the Exiled Gaming Community


Established: 5/11/2015


Great Leadership and Clan Members


Exiles is looking for competitive, active, TS using personnel 




1. Have at least a 1000 recent W8

2. Use TS while in game

3. Contribute to help the clan grow and succeed 

4. 3-4 nights a week activity

5. Have at least 2 Tier 10 Metas for Clan Wars 


What we want players for:


• Clan Wars / Campaigns 

• Strongholds / Advances

• Tournaments 

• Platoons

• Training 


Hop on TS come talk to us about a bright future



WG Clan Page: https://na.wargaming...wot/1000021019/

Clan Forums: https://www.exiles1.com/


Hope to see you soon 

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