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JgPzE100 - Keep or dump?

TD E100 JgPz Tier 10

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Poll: Dump JgPz E100 (74 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 100 battle in order to participate this poll.

Is the JgPz E100 worth keeping?

  1. Yes, definately (54 votes [65.85%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 65.85%

  2. No, dump it (21 votes [25.61%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 25.61%

  3. Maybe (if you choose this -- please explain) (7 votes [8.54%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 8.54%

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_GreyShift_ #41 Posted Jan 21 2019 - 20:51

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View PostStrachwitzPzGraf, on Jan 21 2019 - 23:51, said:


Curios how u did that -- I have Vents, rammer, and BIA so far -- but am still at 21.2s -- not sure how you shave off 2 more seconds -- Chocolate will help (but not enough) and if you're at <220hp adrenaline rush (but that's situational)

So you must be using advanced equipment (innovative loading and venting system) AND food -- that would bring you down to ~19.5s -- correct?


I have both Improved Rammer and Vents with full 7 perk crew and Chocolate :)

_GreyShift_ #42 Posted Jan 21 2019 - 20:52

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View Postgen_penguin, on Jan 22 2019 - 02:21, said:

I had it for a week and sold it !!!  HATED it !!!!

I could not believe the amount of shots I bounced !!!  Too expensive to run full Gold every game!

Insane long reload time just to bounce


I cant believe the amount of shots I bounce in my other tanks when JgPz E100 shoots at me


Zero camo, get outspotted by EVERYBODY.

Too big and slow to fight around corners.

I was doing 3x as much damage in my JagdTiger ... and more damage in my E25 and way more damage in my Skorpion.


Never hated a tank as much as the JgPz E100 !!!!


Odd, I seem to be the one outspotting them tbh

Roggg2 #43 Posted Jan 21 2019 - 21:02


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Never sell a tier 10.  Stop playing it?  Sure.  Move the crew somewhere else if you need to reassign them, but the credit loss for selling a tier 10 is too much.  Keep it in case they buff it, or if you find the right playstyle somewhere down the line.

Kevlar1972 #44 Posted Jan 21 2019 - 21:06


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View PostRoggg2, on Jan 21 2019 - 15:02, said:

Never sell a tier 10.  Stop playing it?  Sure.  Move the crew somewhere else if you need to reassign them, but the credit loss for selling a tier 10 is too much.  Keep it in case they buff it, or if you find the right playstyle somewhere down the line.


I have a lot of tier 10s researched but I usually won't buy them until they go "on track" so you buy for 4 million and I believe they sell back for over 3.  so not a huge loss.  About the same net loss as a tier 8.


I sell most of my 8s and 9s.  Tiers 6 and 10 seem to be the best for winning personal mission objectives     low tiers for kills.  high tiers for damage.

StepChild_TO #45 Posted Jan 21 2019 - 22:49

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I finally got mine and I too am severly disgusted with this thing. I hate loading a gold round, hiding there and getting perfect aimed shot, fire, and bounce??? Or better yet, catching a just fired enemy tank and having the exact same thing happen. Shooting a lite tank in the tracks from close range with he and having JUST track damage on the lite, who then polishes you off. Same crap that the E100 has happen all the time. I haven't sold it YET, but I am so close. I have sold a lot of tier tens that turned out to be useless. I refuse to run pure gold to make a tank viable. It is the truth of tier10 now that there is mostly gold being fired. If I am lucky, I get 2 damage shots a game before I am removed.

Croveski #46 Posted Jan 22 2019 - 00:41


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View PostKevlar1972, on Jan 21 2019 - 08:50, said:

Keep it.

I rage sold my T110E5 and wish I hadn't.


That cupola though.  That thing was a dumpster fire.  


it still is the S. Conqueror is more or less just a better 110E5.

I sold my Object 268 and have no regrets. Some tanks were just left WAAAY behind in the power creep.

Junbeyn #47 Posted Jan 22 2019 - 07:58


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Say what you will about it's performance. It's gun is unquestionably one of the scariest in the game, and the mere presence of a JPE can make people back off.

Firemoth #48 Posted Jan 22 2019 - 11:14


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if you want a consistent tank then go with the JT.


if you want a lolwagon, the JPE100 is a beast. just taking 1k dumps on people feels so good, until you miss and then you feel bad. thankfully the armour is good enough to bounce regular AP consistently and you can even get it to bounce prem ammo if you angle alot.

The_Next_Penetration #49 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 03:56

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If it's not Russian, throw it away and get a Russian tank. Well if you want to be competitive that is.

CardboardJedi #50 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 04:42

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I eventually stripped, de-crewed, mothballed and painted a bunch of d!cks on the Grille 15 they robbed us of our Waffenträgers for but didn't sell it. Never know what the future holds. 

And again on the JagdZilla, HE almost never disappoints-esp at distance. Once I get drug into CQB I'll whip out AP/HEAT when I can be somewhat more sure RNG won't troll me...

commander42 #51 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 05:58


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my personal philosophy is to never sell a tier10.  In fact I have a tier10 or two that I have either barely played or haven't played at all(Sheridan and the tier10french light, wasn't sure what to do crew wise so never moved any over)

As for the jgpz, I would say play it more before making that decision but overall its decent but not great.  Its very situational as its a huge gun with a long reload, the armor would be great if people didn't spam premium rounds.  So after the gold nerf it might become significantly better.  However knowing the pace WG moves at, you might be waiting awhile.

SporkBoy #52 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 06:25


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Just to be fair and balanced I have to admit yeterday I killed a JPE100 with my t54lt - it was knocked down in health and alone. I tried to drive around it but it hit me for 1000  (lucky me no module or crew dmg) but I didn't die. Three 'specials' into his lower plate and he was done.

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