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Laptop recommendations wanted.

FPS laptops

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TheManFromKekistan #21 Posted Jan 24 2019 - 22:04


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View PostYANKEE137, on Jan 22 2019 - 16:50, said:

All good points.  Perhaps a wireless keyboard would work the way I want while using a more affordable tower.  I can and do play with 20FPS but I wonder if I would be making more shots if I had 60 FPS.  A lot of info from you all, thanks very much. It will take several read throughs to absorb it.


Having a higher stable fps will help a bit especially for fast light tank play but this game is designed to be played on rooshkie potato vodka fueled 90's pc with a ping in the 200's so ultimately it's down to your personal skill cap how much improvement you will see. As to the linked hardware it will run wot easily at 60 fps with near full ultra settings as long as you stick to 1080p. Also on a small 21" screen you can lower some settings like anti aliasing as the higher pixel density already helps cover up any jaggies and things like shadows can be set to minimum or off and not really effect the visual quality that much.

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