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AMX M4 mle 54 Premium Round for 130mm gun needs Buff

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1stpanzerdiv #1 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 15:50


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Im sure there are others frustrated with the lack of pen on the prem round for the 130mm.  I shot a JPE100 twice in the superstructure from close range and they did not pen.  Had I been using the 120 mm it would have penned.  I checked the pen on Tier 10 Heavies and all of them except the Type 5 HVY, had over 300mm of pen including the 50B.  Why all the other countries Tier 10 heavies have over 300mm of pen with premium rounds and the AMX has less than 300 is mind blowing.  This needs to be fixed ASAP.  I have mounted the 120mm and will give up the 160hps of the top gun to be able to pen other tier 10s im shooting at.

SenHai #2 Posted Feb 01 2019 - 01:03


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Thats the trade off. 250mm of pen isn't that bad, but it requires you to be careful with shots or choose other targets. This coming from someone who also plays this tank. The 120 is also good, but the only thing it has is very high pen for a heavy, and only base pen. Rof is worse than other 120mm and no fear factor as 120mm alpha is on the low end, also over match is better with the 130. If they buff the premium pen they need to do the same for the types 140mm gun. Buffing premium ammo is not needed, a nerf to all other prem ammo would be better.

Rolkatsuki #3 Posted Mar 02 2019 - 08:10


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Give it another naval gun the 138.6mm/50 mle. 1934 its pen, reload time and alfa damage should be between that of the existing top 130mm guns in game and the type 5's 140mm but closer to the 140 but... Idk the tank or have even played it and just an idea.

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