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a few points on the new wheeled scouts .......................

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GORP #1 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 16:35


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not that I expect to have some sort of influence on the debate or their entry into the game , BUT after reading some of the posts and playing them in the test , here are some points I would like to make ……………..


1) we can expect to see A LOT of them , more so than with many of the other OP premiums ……….  so when the E25 ( just as an example) rolled out , we saw them in just about every match as the new owners were playing the hell out of them . after this last xmas give away we started seeing PACKS of them in some games …………. but eventually in both cases the number diminished …… this is a common trend with ANY OP vehicle released in general play . this WONT be the case here though for a couple reasons ….. 


FIRST is that in the case of previous tanks we saw their frequency decline because it was a single tank being played by numerous people in this case its a tank CLASS , with multiple tiers of vehicles so chances are once they are released we will see them in the teams in multiples spread out by tier ……..


SECOND is that the commons test only has FRENCH wheeled scouts ………. almost every major nation had access to some sort of wheeled vehicle , so once OTHER nations get them , we can expect to see MORE scouts as they pop up in multiple tiers and multiple nations also …….


2) the commons test is kinda misleading as to their full potential . notice that in the tests each team has PACKS of them , and those PACKS tend to begin a bloody brawl as they encounter each other and lead to their numbers getting culled quickly . but for any wheeled scout players who Don't rush in and wait for the frenzy to stop , it leaves the enemy lines wide open to be exploited . as I experienced in NORMAL game play BEFORE the common test , just having ONE of these on the enemy team really screwed us up bad several times …….


3) some people are rejoicing in the effect they believe these will have on ARTY PLAYERS and TD PLAYERS , but those people have missed the point that these tanks are just as good at out maneuvering many of the slow MEDIUMS and HEAVIES . most of those tanks can turn or rotate their turrets fast enough to counter the speed and abilities of the wheeled scouts up close …………


4) i'm a CASUAL player , but in these wheeled scouts , even I can score high damage and spotting damage with little effort . in one game alone I got over 2300 spotting and another 8 hundred actual damage in less than 2 minutes before I was killed spotting enemy artillery ……………………


5) we can expect to see these in tiers BELOW  tier 6 at some point because several of the nations had wheeled armored cars that would be equivalent to below tier 6 …………….


I recall when the PZ1C was the terror of the game , slaughtering things left and right , roving in packs ………. eventually they lost some speed and were made LESS deadly than they began ………. but the PZ1C was ONE tank , not a FLOOD of new ones that will all threaten to over power the game somewhat ……………..




I think some possible nerfs that would HELP are as follows …………


reduce the positive impact playing them has on player rankings . a great example of the impact op tanks can have on player stats is the PZB2 . I have encountered some players that act like jerks and talk smack about player rankings …………… who have over 80% of their games in the B2 ……… being in a premium with preferred tier placement that lets them bully others props up their stats . if you put a handicap on the wheeled scouts so that they have a much lower influence on player stats , it would disincentive players who care about rankings from resorting to them . 


reduce their turret rotation speeds slightly


drop the X speed boost , they are fast enough without it . 


make them slightly more susceptible to ramming damage 


make a separate line of equipment for the wheeled scouts so that they can use gear already in depot for tanks like the shell rammers and the coated optics . at the same time make those items slightly more expensive . 


put a cap on the vehicles to cap the amount of credits they can earn in battle ABOVE their repair costs , so for example , if a player wins a match and would have normally gotten $40,000 credits with a repair/resupply cost of $10,000 , that would leave them with $30,000 to bank . but you could cap it at say $5,000 in profit from any match so that they would get their $10k for repairs , $5k in profit , and forfeit the remaining $25K . this makes them less profitable to play and thus pushes players to play their regular tanks to keep their credits flowing in .


just as above , you cold also cap the XP earned in wheeled vehicles to no more than say 1000 xp regardless of how well you do ………..


just my thoughts ……………..

Desert_Fox_1969 #2 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 16:45


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Time to play some autoloaders. Knock a wheel off and farm. 

_ToXiC_FatMan #3 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 18:02

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Love how ppl keep referring to them as their ingame class but when i look at them all i see is wheeled td with speed like any other wheeled td.

yTuJlu3aToP #4 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 18:09


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View PostZoM_2014, on Jan 23 2019 - 18:02, said:

Love how ppl keep referring to them as their ingame class but when i look at them all i see is wheeled td with speed like any other wheeled td.


gpc_4 #5 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 18:16


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Everyone is overreacting like they always do when something is new. 

There will not be a lot of wheeled vehicles, maybe a week of the mid-tiers having multiple wheelies but after that people will lose interest. Why? Because they won't be easy to play and most players will crash or be destroyed within a few minutes. The wheelies will only excel in the hands of an experienced player with a strong crew. Also, LTs are not popular. Wheeled LTs will not be popular either. Yes, going fast is fun but people also like to feel effective and they feel effective by doing damage and getting kills. Not spotting, not assistance damage, and not helping the team win. I anticipate the wheelies being a rare sight by March.

drwho711 #6 Posted Jan 26 2019 - 01:43


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Gorp, you have made some very valid points. I think these will be all over the place for a few months and then less will be seen. I personally don't care much for them. Yes, it's fun to go fast, but I don't care for the handling

of these cars. I will certainly play them, just not every day.

a_Neophyte #7 Posted Jan 26 2019 - 04:27


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I have to say that I think these will be a good way for skilled light tank drivers to have fun and stay involved in the game.  They are really hard to play in city maps because enemies are funneled towards each other, but they shine in more open maps because they take advantage of the terrain.


I found that that after one week on the common test half the players could reliably hit wheeled cars unless the driver was really good at zigzagging.  


The best thing about the wheeled vehicles in my opinion is that you have enough speed to get to places fast, and enough speed to try running for your life when you see a Type 5 coming at you.  If you try to fight more than one tank at a time, by circling or other means, you will likely die as they focus you really quick.


And in response to WG removing the boost: I only used it to get out of sticky situations where I was trapped.  I don’t want to have a damaged engine that requires a repair kit when I should save those for my wheels. 

Jazz_4 #8 Posted Jan 26 2019 - 05:40


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I don't know but know they released the amx 13 57 in the premium shop these tanks are going to have a hard time to compete the amx 13 57 is a very powerful light tank it can easily take down a bunch of tanks. same with the e25 but I honestly can't wait for these new tanks I want to try out the tier 6 French wheel vehicle. but that's just me. not to be that guy you also have the scorpion g that's another good tank.  

RagnarokBazil #9 Posted Jan 27 2019 - 07:09

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there is no point in grinding the new light tree they killed it..

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