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Frontline Returns!

Frontline Returns Yay

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Tank_You_All #41 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 19:41


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I for one am glad to see this mode come back. It was a great deal of fun and allowed for more realistic operations. Flanking became a real issue for people to deal with, which is good, it happens in the real world. With the more open maps and with having your flanks subject to falling people had to think more than just straight ahead. It also allowed for changes in the type of vehicle played during a round again another good thing. I will admit I do like the larger maps when playing the higher tiers. Of course, I would hate to play this as a tier 4 in my Matilda. I would spend the entire game just getting there.

Hard_As_Iron #42 Posted Feb 01 2019 - 08:20


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I really hope that Frontline is available outside of "prime time" hours this time. I only got a chance for a couple of games, because I can usually only play this game between 11:00PM and 2:00AM PST.



StoneTitan #43 Posted Feb 08 2019 - 13:53

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Sounds like the rental tanks only appear if you're playing Frontline, correct?


Mermaid_Witch #44 Posted Mar 16 2019 - 22:52


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Welp, made it to rank 21 out of 30 in Frontline this month.  Still no reset and no token.  I guess there's no point in continuing to play.  The grind is such that I can't reliably clear even 15 ranks in a week, when I need to be clearing at LEAST 30 ranks in the same time.  Maybe if the mode was on all month instead of a single week I'd be able to get to the good rewards.  But with my job and chores and sleep and other necessary life commitments, I just don't have the time.  I'm guessing the mode rewards were designed around hard-core no-lifers that breathe WoT and can reliably General each match and have no other commitments in life.  Which means that the chances of someone like me getting high enough to earn the Tier 9 is remote at best.

superchief117 #45 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 11:06


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this mode should really be a full time mode of the game instead of just being temporary, i would certainly play more often if it were.

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