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Game Keeps Minimizing

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Raxter54 #1 Posted Jan 27 2019 - 15:32

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Booted up this morning, and started a game. About 10 seconds into the match, the game minimizes itself to my task bar. After several attempts to open it back up, it will go back to full screen, and 15-20 seconds later minimize itself again. Rebooted computer and loaded game back in, same problem. Help!

Mancu #2 Posted Jan 27 2019 - 15:47


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I would recommend you check for any new software that has been installed. I had a problem similar to this where the game would minimize every so often - not as frequently as you but enough to be a real issue. I finally tracked the issue down to new Huion software I had installed. Every so often it was running a check in the background that, for some reason, caused my game to minimize. To fix the issue I just had to turn off the software in the tray before playing.


Edit: Also, before I tracked down the cause I switched the game to windowed mode and it wouldn't minimize.

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BattlecryGWJ #3 Posted Jan 27 2019 - 16:18


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I had a similar issue which I found was ultimately being caused by an install of Citrix Receiver I had.  If I closed Receiver rather than letting it idle in the system tray it resolved my issue.

RetroMan55 #4 Posted Jan 27 2019 - 18:35


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Also, it is a good practice to delete any/all old versions of the game hiding in the res_mods file folder, then if you have a mechanical HDD (but not SSD) defrag the drive.  This will put all the needed files together like related books on a library book shelf.  I have defragged 3.5 to 8 GB of fragmented files doing this, and it is now a habit after updates large and small.


If you have Norton, you can als9o put nthe Anti-virus software into "Silent Mode" to shut off background processes.

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