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in-game Issues

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loli141 #1 Posted Jan 27 2019 - 20:06


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So in-game at some location on the maps i get a bug where the server reticule just goes in the air for no reason and if i want to shoot people going by there, i need to go in sniper mode and go down like 50m to be able to get my gun on point. it happens to me only on some map and not on others, it happens on mines when i sit in the bushes on the south team and then look at the river side, when i do my server reticule (aka my gun) just goes up in the sky. it happens to me on el halluf in some places, on overlord on the beach, i dont know why this happens and what is causing it but its really annoying if you want to shoot an enemy fast but you need to roll your view down in sniper mode to be able to shoot at him. I included screenshots of the problem, they were taken without touching the mouse and i made sure i had enough gun depressin so my gun could go down that far on both screenshots, so it is a bug

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