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Wheeled Cars and Frontline

Frontline wheeled vehicles

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YANKEE137 #1 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 03:48


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Just wondering how Frontline will be affected by the wheeled vehicles. Will they be able to zoom forward to cause havoc?  Probably.  Get right to the back as soon as a zone opens? Definitely.  Change zones quickly ? Absolutely. Will any of that be a problem ? I don't know.  

I wouldn't be surprised to see boosts on those ridges that are meant to divide zones. 

Initially there will be two tier eights available, the premium and the tech tree- so they will be available in some quantity. 

What do you think ? 

PapioTitan #2 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 04:24

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Their speed will help successfully capture a zone more often. I often found myself re-spawning where a cap was happening but not fast enough to help close it. I think there was one zone where if everyone drove straight to the cap it was almost an assured capture. That open map will make them a fun option.


In randoms, I think those things will cause a traffic jam at base as everyone will be waiting for the arty YOLO run from the opposing wheelies.

KingofDragons #3 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 04:33

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The tech tree Tier 8 isn't overpowered with speed .. There is really no time to play around with boosting... Every second counts.. Lights must spot or try to put pressure to cap... I found the ELC90 way better because it's super small..


It can spot from  smaller bushes and is better at putting pressure on the cap right at start... It also has a way better view range.. The auto loader is also great for finishing off damaged Tanks but total reload is harsh... 


Tried the Lynx but gameplay is different ... Will take time to get use to it..

RC_1140 #4 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 04:58


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The t8 goes 80, some other t8 lights get up to 72 and have way better guns. 

SnakePliskan #5 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 08:01

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Elven I suspect will be more effective and annoying than the Hot Wheels.

SteelRonin #6 Posted Jan 30 2019 - 13:45


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Some will sneak behind the objectives, ahaha

Time_4_PewPew_ChatBanned #7 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 05:17


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Yes. Wheel vehicles can capture a spawn point before you even load the game. Sorry, but this is what the Retarded Russians called "working as intended" 

That1Villain #8 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 05:29

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Played a bit of the lynx on frontlines and honestly the only places where they're super useful is the second line of defense, otherwise you can't use your speed cause of all the close quarter environments

Grey_ #9 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 16:40

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View PostThat1Villain, on Feb 11 2019 - 22:29, said:

Played a bit of the lynx on frontlines and honestly the only places where they're super useful is the second line of defense, otherwise you can't use your speed cause of all the close quarter environments


I have to disagree, I found mine to really shine hunting artillery and soft TDs both on offense and defense. On offense if you time a run to get in behind the defenders as an objective is being capped you can pull a large number of guns off its defense by going for arty and shooting HE at the backs of TDs, sometimes you even get away with it. On defense when a zone is lost just wait for the air strike to pass and start hunting arty and occasionally lob a shot into the back of someones tank at max draw distance, sometimes it can pull some pressure off the cap points.

ThePigSheFlies #10 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 18:07


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View PostSteelRonin, on Jan 30 2019 - 07:45, said:

Some will sneak behind the objectives, ahaha



this, I actually let a lynx harvest a bunch of arty - wasn't worth my time trying to chase him

3RiversRegt #11 Posted Mar 16 2019 - 19:15


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To fix FRONTLINE because now of those crapON WHEEL ... is to no man's land the 5 objectives until at least 2 (D, E and F) caps are taken.


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