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Has it been nerfed?

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Cymru1956 #1 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 21:20


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I finally broke down and started my French lines. After the horrendous AMX-40 I have finally gotten the ELC.

It appears to have been changed/nerfed/emasculated. I remember when I first got into WoT it was a killer bee zipping around and wrecking stuff.

Now, after I am driving it... It's not quite the scout champion that I remember. I do better with the Chaffee, Pz1C, and Luches.

Can anyone explain what happened?

cloudwalkr #2 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 21:25


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it was nerfed

MiddleAgedNoob #3 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 21:45

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View Postcloudwalkr, on Jan 31 2019 - 15:25, said:

it was nerfed


Hard.  From the Patch 9.18 release notes:



  • Added the SCR 508 radio

  • Added the 75 mm SA44L gun

  • Added the 75 mm SA32L gun

  • Added the SOFAM de 180 cv engine

  • Removed the ER 53 radio

  • Removed the 75 mm SA44 gun

  • Removed the 75 mm SA32 gun

  • Removed the Frt.Prf. mle. 1940 shell

  • Removed the OE mle. 1915 shell

  • Removed the Prf. mle. 1926 shell

  • Removed the OCO mle. 1926 shell

  • Removed the ODR mle. 1910 shell

  • Removed the SOFAM 8 Gxb engine

  • Decreased dispersion during movement of the AMX ELC suspension by 26%

  • Decreased dispersion during movement of the AMX ELC bis suspension by 28%

  • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse of the AMX ELC suspension by 26%

  • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse of the AMX ELC bis suspension by 28%

  • Increased dispersion on turret traverse of the 90 mm D. 915 gun by 15%

  • Changed the reload time of the 90 mm D. 915 gun from 12 s to 14 s

  • Changed penetration of the Frt.Prf. mle. 1944 shell for the 90 mm D. 915 gun from 248 mm to 150 mm

  • Changed penetration of the Prf. mle. 1941 shell for the 90 mm D. 915 gun from 170 mm to 120 mm

  • Changed the top speed from 65 km/h to 60 km/h

  • Changed the reverse speed from 23 km/h to 20 km/h

  • Changed the tier of the AMX ELC bis turret from IV to V

  • Changed the vehicle durability with the AMX ELC bis turret from 400 to 320 HP

  • Added full rotation to the AMX ELC bis turret with the 75 mm SA44L gun

  • Added full rotation to the AMX ELC bis turret with the 75 mm SA32L gun

  • Added the option of mounting the Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1

ThePigSheFlies #4 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 21:48


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when they brought us tier 9 and 10 LTs, the mid-tier LTs were nerfed heavily.

I continued to play my ELC and Chaffee a bit, until personal missions 2.0 dropped at which point I basically stopped since those missions start at tier 6 tanks.

when running the ELC (which has a 4+ perk crew in it) I switched over to the smaller gun, which allows the full turret traverse, and also is lighter which restores some of the lost mobility.  

the chaffee is generally in my hands a superior tank after the "rebalance" but after the gun handling nerfs, and with the number of stupor heavy armor it sees I switched it to nearly 50% premium round load out (the AP round shell velocity is also HORRIBLE) because you can't really just scout at mid tier these days, you HAVE to be willing to do some damage if you want to win semi-consistently in them.

Stormer100 #5 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 22:09

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The ELC is dead to me now.

_Katyusha___ #6 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 22:22

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It is decent. It gave me a nice 56%WR when grinding light line, now i bought it back for wheeled vehicles, it do its job well even with 75% crew. I picked ELC only after light rebalance, but it was very annoying as a red tank.


Also, as every other scout tank, it was set to a 2+/- MM wich means it was not a functional nerf for class, but ELC needed a nerf even in previous MM (only light tank buffed was T-50, because it was a tier IV before). It is also nice the option to use a functional, rotating turret coupled with a balanced gun instead of the "derp"


If you want a broken, OP tank, shame on you.

YANKEE137 #7 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 22:33


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The Fun Nerf sucked the life out of it.

Maltfourti #8 Posted Jan 31 2019 - 23:09


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It was meganerfed. Several changes happened. But the worst was the mobility nerf. It is, in fact, dead to me now.

cKy_ #9 Posted Feb 01 2019 - 00:20


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Despite the nerf, it is still a competitive light tank at tier 5. 

Scrawnybeaver #10 Posted Feb 01 2019 - 01:47


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I do not know how it was before the nerf but it is fine now.  It is versatile so you can play it many ways as long as the map allows it.   I prefer the 90mm gun because of the full turret traverse and the rate of fire.  Great stealth and good mobility.   Very fragile and every hit is a critical hit so... do not get hit.   For me, it is a good passive scout and a stealthy hit and run assassin.  Others players that are better than I play it well as an active scout. 


Given that I am a passable player and I have a WR of 54% in the ELC, it's got to be good.  It cannot be me.

Maltfourti #11 Posted Feb 07 2019 - 00:09


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Just bought it back  to grind for the new armored cars. It doesn't seem as awful as it did immediately after the light tank patch. Still pretty fun with the 90mm. Maybe they tweaked some soft-stats since I last drove it, idk. If it still had its old mobility I'd love it.

oldewolfe #12 Posted Feb 10 2019 - 16:36


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I skipped all below Tier 6 and started at the AMX 12T....     With the Wheeled Stuff, my Plan was just get those, but with the Tracks being all that was Required to Elite the ELC, I figured I'd give a Try....      Yah, it Bites big time....     


It's Slow, regardless of the Top Speed, getting there is an Exercise in Futility....      The Gun is not Good overall, I too went 75mm for the Full Turret Traverse but I also did it for the Reload.....      The 90mm Reload was as Horrid as the Limited Traverse Angles.....         Yes, I had a New Crew in it, but a 100% Crew, and even that wouldn't Offset it's Failings.....


I still have it in my Garage....      I'll likely just use it to get some Starter Crew Skills on Commanders and leave it at that....        It's not a Keeper Tank anymore in my Opinion, it's Run at Tier 5 King is long Over....

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