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Obj 252U Defender..

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Son__Of__Anarchy #21 Posted Feb 03 2019 - 11:32


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View PostF1O1, on Feb 03 2019 - 00:05, said:


Facing tier nine and ten isn't part of the balance. EVERY tank struggles in these situations, except maybe tank destroyers and artillery.


But out of all of them, Defender does it the best. lt still has an lS7 hull to protect it. The glacis is still autobounce to 330mm HEAT. lt also trades for 440 damage, which other heavies do not commonly do tier eight. Nothing is hot bottom tier, but a defender still can hold its own bottom tier, and at least frustrate enemies. 


indeed.. i just felt so comfortable and confident driving it against tier IXs and Xs.. 

NO other tier VIII tank ever gave me such comfort and confidence..

well, the scorpion g and the su-130pm maybe, but those play a different role in the battle..

the defender can definitelly frustrate many higher tier enemies..

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