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Breaking the Mark Through 3k+ wn8.

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LeKhiemJerry #1 Posted Feb 03 2019 - 00:14


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Hey guys. As the title stated, I have trouble reaching through the 3k+ wn8 barrier. I dont know what I can do to improve past this. Can peeps with 3k+ wn8 give me advice on how they do it?

InappropriateHandHolding #2 Posted Feb 03 2019 - 00:18


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Its alot of being able to see how the battle is flowing and trying to constantly have shots or going to a area where you will have shots.

Illuminarty_Sceambeg #3 Posted Feb 03 2019 - 00:19

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Padding your stats in the tanks you do the best in is the fastest albeit fakest way to raise your WN8. Playing at a certain wn8 level with most tanks is your true wn8 skill.

TruIy #4 Posted Feb 03 2019 - 02:40


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I'm not 3k recents but the guys in my clan who are suggested that you should put the utmost value on your health and never be afraid to flex to another front, or fall back. 

jsn87xi76slk92mc802d7sk1 #5 Posted Feb 03 2019 - 08:52

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kills. they matter so much its not funny. you can do 5k damage and get lower wn than doing 2500 and getting 3 kills. 

first kill is like 500wn, each other roughly 250. thats a very ballpark as it varies but close enough




some tanks are just tough as crapto pump stats in. if you are playing them, even if you are doing well, you will get hammered. you need to do exception in those.. 268v4 277 etc are very stats demanding tanks requiring kills and damage. 3500+dpg and 2kills per game to get you 3k+ wn8




consistency. getting great game followed by horrible games isnt optimal. aim to maintain some consistent level of performance rather than hoping that one awesome game will bump you up; it wont.  that's basically the part that separates gud gamerz from everybody else. easier said than done and no manual on how to get here. 




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