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Useless equipment needs a 4th slot on its own.

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pepe_trueno #21 Posted Feb 07 2019 - 03:00


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View PostArcticTankHunter, on Feb 06 2019 - 22:58, said:


I know some people uses spall liner due to artillery but the rest, no one ever uses them.

Those suggestion is terrible. The current stats they have is good already. They might need to buff Trousers and suspensions up. Suspension to prevent one hit track knock out, just enough for two hit instead of 3-4 unless you get hit by something over 120mm gun. Trousers to increase speed while hill climbing or muddy terrains.



its a  matter of usefullness, enhanced suspension is a situational buff, it works wonders under certain conditions but thats about it, rammer in the other hand is always usefull  becouse even scouts use their guns on a regular basis. Question is, will you use the equipment that shines once every 4-5 matchs or the one that is usefull every match?


an increace in 5km/h is a universall buff that works every match, Everyone from the hyper slow mauss to the new go carts benefits from it in one or another way   

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Dragon6actual #22 Posted Feb 07 2019 - 23:27


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View PostACandieCaneKilling, on Feb 04 2019 - 03:44, said:

The point of limiting the number of pieces of equipment are to give you options to use at least three things, but NOT the option of enhancing your tank too much.

We each have things we can choose for different reasons based on our playing styles etc. but there are limits placed in order to make you choose wisely depending on the tank & play style.

The game is about thinking; its strategy as much in the game as is what we choose to put on each tank. That's part of the point; strategy. What good would it do if we could choose all of them?

Some tanks require a Camo Net while, others require a gun rammer, but therein lies the choice. You have to sacrifice somewhere, making it a CHALLENGE, which is part of the game.


Each tank & player is different, even when two players choose the same tank, often they will choose different equipment choices.

For some, the gun lay drive is more important than the gun rammer.

I'm curious to know where you got your stats on what is MOSTLY USED BY PLAYERS. I don't believe what you said is even close to correct (other than the part of the Trousers lol)


One player will choose Spall liner on a tank that tends to lose crew members a lot, or sees more damage from arties than someone else playing the same tank.

Spall liner protects the crew from injuries from explosions & being rammed but if you do not play your tank as aggressively as someone else does, you may not benefit from using the spall liner at all.

In some cases, spall liners are best suited for heavy tanks higher up the tier chain but for myself, I have found them to help keep my crew from having to be HEALED so often so in some cases I'll choose that over say, a gun rammer for e.g. I depends on the tank. There is NO DEFAULT 3 pieces of Equipment to use on every tank & if you are always choosing those three nearly every time for every tank, you clearly do not understand how they can be used or for the very reasons they are available.


I find my tanks often differ from that of other tanks I'm tooning with when it comes to choices of equipment used when in the exact same tank. Each tank has equipment on it which compliments that specific tank.


Don't make assumptions about how equipment is used by others as many players (like myself) often choose differently than what I would call the status quo & for very good reason.


IMO I think the solution is to give three slots for the toolbox, camo net and binos and then 1,2 or 3 slots for the enhancement items..

DrWho_ #23 Posted Feb 10 2019 - 16:38


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View PostLynnette_JJW, on Feb 03 2019 - 08:33, said:


i understand this completely. 
Spalls, suspensions, ect. are things that i dont have on ANY of my other tanks. iv used suspensions before to cheat past upgrading to better suspension before though. but that aside. things like Spalls, CO2, and the like would be great for additional addons. and i honestly would not mind if they hitched the price to x2 for that 4th "misc" equipment slot.

i feel the same way about skills. theres some really stupid skills. like all the Loader's skills. i take camo when i get a loader trained. there just isnt anything useful for him/her. i can categorize all 3 of his unique skills as "support" rather then "primary" which are things like bros-n-arms, recon, sixth sense. ect ones that you should really get at the start. and "secondary" being things like Jack of all trades, controlled impact, or deadeye. which can be useful to you if you expect to play said tank for a very long time.  "support" skills are those side skills that you think you want, but are sorta gimics. like Vengeance, maintenance, designated target, or eagle eye.

now if we could separate skills and perks into their own thing. then that would be nice as well. 


In addition to the common skills/perks there's at least one *very* useful perk you can put on your loader. So that leaves you with BiA, Camo and Repairs from the common skills, firefighting is useful if you like me skip the the extinguisher and then there's safe stowage if you want to reduce the number of times you have to use your repair kit to fix your ammo racks.


If you've already put 4-5 skills on your loader then yes I agree the rest are less than useful. Then again comes those tanks where the loader doubles as radio operator and that adds "Situational Awareness" at least so you can have as much as 5-6 useful skills on a loader depending on the tank

Tedsc #24 Posted Feb 10 2019 - 18:45

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The equipment that gets heavily used should be class A equipment.  The items you reference that nobody uses should be class B.  I vote we convert the directive slot to a class B slot and keep the original slots as class A slots.  Then let everyone sell any directives they may have for bonds.  



leeuniverse #25 Posted Feb 18 2019 - 01:45


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Both Equipment and the Skills section (spacing the name atm, you know the Heal, Repair, etc. section) needs "4" slots instead of 3.


I'm constantly irritated having to sacrifice a needed feature for a tank.  Tanks are so bad in this game that 4 is the proper balance, 3 is too little.

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