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Competitive Games

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TheGreatBuBBy #1 Posted Feb 04 2019 - 08:08


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I have heard about things you only get to do at tier ten which I assume are essentially competitive(ranked) modes. There's seems to be a variety and I cant quite seem to understand how they work or which is which. I tried to do some research but I am not getting much. 


I know advances and campaigns exist (my clan had been talking about them while I was doing skirmishes). 

If someone can tell me what these modes are and what they have in offer for me than I would appreciate it. (I know I am probably not good enough yet but I am curious) 

If there is anything else, feel free to inform me as well.



Redwave11 #2 Posted Feb 04 2019 - 08:24

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Tier 10 'competitive' game modes include: Clan Wars, Advances and Ranked battles

  • Clan wars gives you gold, bonds, camos and reward tanks in campaigns.
  • Advances primarily give your clan resources to level up their stonghold and give you better boosters, also a great place to practice for clan wars
  • Ranked battles give you gold, bonds and other stuff. Basically random battles with a scuffed skill based matchmaker.


Along with tangible rewards i think these game modes are probably the best avenue for improving your personal play. So if you want to get better get involved, just try to play with people better than you that way you can keep learning.

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