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A bug that needs fixing

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LtEdge #1 Posted Feb 06 2019 - 07:03


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At almost 30k games and several thousand dollars… I have enjoyed your game. But you have allowed a cheat/hack that is making the game less than it could be. In the last several months I have noticed that I am getting spotted within the first 10-15 seconds of a game where it is not possible. Also now I sometimes get spotted later in the game that is not possible. It needs to be fixed.


Don’t bother responding because I already know the mantra. I love your game and you did a great job in creating it and it has been fun. Too bad you don’t value it enough to keep it going. In any case… I will continue to plays and enjoy as best I can but know this… until I see you have fixed this, I will NEVER spend another dollar on this game. I hope you do as I do not mind spending for my entertainment. But not like this. Good luck … and either way… I wish you the best.

Ortinoth_ #2 Posted Feb 06 2019 - 07:17


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without a replay this is all heresay and can not be proven so they will not do anything about it


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