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Patch 1.4 crash to desktop

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AG_Anchoa #1 Posted Feb 06 2019 - 22:38


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Hi, im trying to log in to my acount and I cant get past the first loading screen then i got kick to the desktop, no Mods on folders....

KRZYBooP #2 Posted Feb 06 2019 - 23:49

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Please be sure to submit a ticket to support HEREif you haven't done so already. 

boink12 #3 Posted Feb 08 2019 - 22:48


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i am having the same issue and i made a ticket and about 11 or 17 or 22 hours go by until i get a possible fix and when i does not work i have to wait again for almost another day to get another reply. i have a paid account and losing my days

i want to play wot please



destruya #4 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 04:44


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Just installed wot_1.4.0.19407_1.4.0.19402_client.wgpkg - client will not start *at all*.  Not even Safe Mode works.


Ticket has been submitted.


Things I've tried:

1. Launching from the WoT launcher.

2. Launching "safe mode" from the WoT launcher.

3. Attempting to start the program directly from the game's directory.


No dice on all three.  Eliminated all mods after 1.4 went live, intending to do a fresh install.

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rogue_gamecube #5 Posted Feb 20 2019 - 22:40

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I have this same issue and it continues to persist despite working with tech support on WG's side. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game into vanilla twice as I decided to use CCleaner just in case there was some lingering issue from a previous mod / install, so the registry is clear and the problem has not changed. I cleared all my NVIDIA drivers using Windows Safe Mode and installed just the latest video drivers, so no legacy issues from the video drivers either. Despite all this, the problem continues. The loader gets to 2/3 on the progress bar, stalls, crashes to desktop. So far, I have done the following additional actions recommended by tech support:


1) Reset graphics to default / turn off ultra settings (given everything is new and vanilla, the drivers won't even let me change settings as the game has never loaded properly once for the existing drivers, so it can only be on default settings)

2) Delete / Clear the APPDATA folder for WoT (again, because the game has never loaded properly, there wasn't even a folder named that for me, just the GameCenter folder)

3) Reset network connection / flush dns / reset IP (very doubtful this was going to help anything, but I did it anyways and sure enough, no change)


So, has anyone else in this thread got their client working and what steps did you take to do it?


At this point, I don't know what else might help besides a fresh install of Windows. I have my doubts that would solve anything though, nothing else I play has this kind of problem, so it's very WoT specific. That leads me to believe it's some insane issue with v1.4 that even v1.4.0.1 has not solved.

HoppinJohn #6 Posted Feb 20 2019 - 23:24


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My issue is that I ca get in game (to the garage) and even some battles, however during the battle loading it freezes on "Awaiting Players" and does not respond.  I close it down and get WoT Client Not Responding.  Using Task Manager I End Process and wait 30 seconds and restart WoT.  I enter games 1 to 1 1/2 minutes after they start.  This all started happening after the latest patch.  All drivers are up to date.

fallanger #7 Posted Mar 11 2019 - 20:38


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Working with tech support is a huge waste of time, you create reports that rarely are of any use. I have nothing but contempt for anything that does not properly address the problem. World of Warships and World of Warplanes launch and run just fine. I did, however, get rid of game center and most of my issues went away. Unless you are the Mighty Jingles you rarely get meaningful advice lol. I find the latest builds are very very buggy. 

Reach out to other players and you might find a real answer to your problem. 

Or uninstall WOT and stop putting any money into their coffers until they make the game more robust. 

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