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KRZY MM MatchMaker Match Maker Damn you WG

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Tao_Te_Tomato #121 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 17:05


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In no particular order:


1.  I don't want a fair game.  I want a game that's unfair in my favor.  :trollface:


2.  I would agree that you don't get better by playing against worse players.  That's called "seal clubbing."  But see Point 1 above.  :trollface:


3.  Unless it's some weird acronym I am unaware of and am not going to try and look up, y'all need to check on the definition of "moot."  Moot means "irrelevant due to changed circumstances," or, from a couple decades ago, "OTBE."  Overtaken By Events.  "Here's a fix for 3-5-7 matchmaking.  We don't use 3-5-7 any more.  Oh, then the fix is moot."


4.  I would also agree that Tier IX is a "sweet spot."  I have a lot of unlocked Tier X tanks I'll never see because I'm satisfied with the 9s.*  :D


5.  I think the one-up/one-down, with PMM tanks getting only equal/one-down treatment would work reasonably well.  Not perfectly, because nothing's going to be perfect.  But reasonably well.  




*OTOH, the IS-7 and Maus are definitely worth it.  :)

BFH7 #122 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 22:01


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There's a lot going on in there and i'm not sure they are really answering the question or fixing the problem. First of all, they are the developers and "they" can program this anyway they want. How about 37 mm shell from a tier III take out tier 10? They can do it. Anything can be programed. The easiest way from a programing prespective is do the tiers like this

Tier 1 fights tier 1 and 2

Tiers 3 through 7 fight +1 / -1

Tier 8 fights tiers 7, 9, and 10 with a mechanism that keeps the 8 from always being bottom tier. WG created this problem with the premium 8's. Theoretically you should know something before getting a tier 8, I only have 1 and it was a mistake. On the other hand tier 10's probably have no one ( new? ) to fight so WG made premium 8's and the messed up mm to make it at least seem like once you get a 9 or 10 you could go and seal club premium 8 tanks with people who did not know how to even play at all. 

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