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Frontline 2019: Regulations

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Anublister #41 Posted Feb 15 2019 - 18:45

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View PostSteel_Coffins, on Feb 13 2019 - 07:17, said:

At the end of each Frountline episode (week) does your frountline level reset at the start of the next episode or carry on?


It’s also important to note that the progress of Frontline Tier within one Prestige Level is not reset. For example, if in the first Episode you ended up on Frontline Tier 25, then in the second Episode you’ll start from the same point.


From the web page. You're welcome!


HeyThatHurts #42 Posted Feb 15 2019 - 21:59


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I played the last Frontline and thought it was different and fun.


I've played maybe 8 games only on this new Frontline.  


I've played on Defense 7 times; I've played Offense 1 time


I've lost 7 games; I've won 1.


Guess which ones were the losses and which was the win?


Will likely play some more, but the slant is clearly towards being on Offense.  If this bears out, I won't play much more.



Winterx #43 Posted Feb 16 2019 - 18:24


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View PostJambijon, on Feb 08 2019 - 17:20, said:





WG, can you please, please, for the love of God issue players with an easy to understand guide that makes it perfectly clear that they get MORE credits and points and perks the LONGER the battle goes and the MORE damage and stuff they do in this time?

I really, really get pissed off when we, the attacking team have 15 minutes left to go to deal damage and next thing the morons kill all three objectives and the whole rest of the time we fought for getting has been for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Many thanks in advance.

Tl; Dr: In this mode you get  extra credits the more damage you deal (i.e. the higher your rank). Finishing early when you still have time (time for which we bloody hell WORKED FOR), finishing early is self-punishment and the most moronic thing you can do! Please S T O P destroying objectives early.



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SatanKarma #44 Posted Yesterday, 08:36 PM


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Arty having access to the artillary strike and airstrike is a little broken 

TSA_Boomer #45 Posted Today, 05:26 AM

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Where can i find the what gives you more exp?  Some of this does not make any sense.  I had a 12K damage 7 kill game, FV 4202 and T34,  and did not make general but the guy who made general had less damage and less kills.

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