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Jan Scav Hunt - Confusion

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Crypticshock #1 Posted Feb 08 2019 - 18:15


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I don't think the missions are working how you want them to work. I have no idea what collecting 4 tokens is. There are two missions where you earn a separate token and you get both of then for 1 game (Tonnes of boosters! Almost 6000 of each type. That's very generous! I assume I need to get 4 of each to unlock the 30k xp mission? Cause I got 4 tokens and it is still unavailable!




EDIT: OK - So you can get 3 tokens of 1 code and 3 tokens of the other - Then the mission opens up for the 30k xp. Then 1 token is still active. So far I got 18 of each booster. Haven't done the 30k yet - I have this one and the 75th Anniversary 30k unlocked at the same time - have to choose with tank (I was planning on getting 1 30k to fly past the Sherman III)


EDIT 2: After you complete the 30k xp mission the tokens are locked. So all in all - you get 7 sets of boosters. That's 3 more than planned I guess. We can call that compensation ;) All in all thou - with all of the bugs smoothed out it is a very fun set of missions. It's just a "D'oh" that I 60k xp in a loss in a tank that only needed 28,800 lol

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GAJohnnie #2 Posted Feb 08 2019 - 18:30


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Thanks for the update!

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