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Mauerbrecher help please

rebuff the Mauerbrecher pleas mauerbrecher upgrade improve

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Disruptor77 #1 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 03:20


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I understand this is a premium tank and premiums mostly get shafted and a slight disadvantage over regular grinding of the tech tree for the most part. But even as a premium, this freaking tank needs help. Freaking weak spot everywhere, slow as crap, turret traverse speed, traverse speed in general, everything is mundane and slow with this tank. besides the decent gun. I figure you pay good money for this premium tank, at least get something worth while. Another WG money grab.

Slone #2 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 03:25


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Not only is there a Russian bias in this game, there is also a German prejudice. A large percentage of the German tanks are lacking.

Ortinoth_ #3 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 03:28


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its also a superheavy and a tier 8 and doesn't do good in tier 10 matches

TLWiz #4 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 03:28


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Did you already buy this tank?  If so, it is too late to help you.


It can work OK as top tier, other than that you need to support the city fight from the second rank as best you can. Good luck! I have a good game with mine every once in a while.


There are some youtube videos you may want to watch if you want advice from people much better than me. You can improve with it.

GenErwinRommel #5 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 03:47

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tell wargaming to give your money back

the tank is nothing but a rip off like most non Russian premium tanks

got to be careful what you buy from wargaming

almost everything is a rip off and wargaming lies about everything ,just like the president

they pitch a good deal And make it sound like its a great tank

but once you get it your out of your money

and wargamings  Russian  devs are laughing at you because they screwed you

Haruhi_Suzumiya_ #6 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 03:51


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View PostSlone, on Feb 09 2019 - 03:25, said:

Not only is there a Russian bias in this game, there is also a German prejudice. A large percentage of the German tanks are lacking.


That means a T-44-100 gets buffed 4-5 times in less than 3 years while the Lowe gets buffed once or twice in 7 years. 

The_Diadect #7 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 04:02

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Bro I feel you, but I guarantee it is NOT the tank that is underpowered. I used to complain just like you when it came out. Now it is my second favourite premium tanks, right behind the fv4202. Platoon with me and I will show you the light

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