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dunno whether to sidescrape or not

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Dr_Doofenschmirtz #1 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 04:11


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So I just got my new IS tank after an enjoyable ride in the KV-85, and I don't know whether to side scrape in this tank, as I might expose my fuel tanks. But at the same time, I managed to bounce a shot from a KV-3 or KV-4, so any suggestions would be great. Also, any tips for how to use the IS and IS-3 would be greatly appreciated. 

Slatherer #2 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 04:20


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The IS isn't the best sidescraper.  The IS-3 very good at it.  

You can sidescrape with it with low calibers pretty good, however.  The IS is a bully to lower tiers.  Play it more like a medium when you are low tier.

uberdice #3 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 04:24


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The fuel tanks on the model are not part of the tank's hitbox.


You can sidescrape in the IS if you have time to set it up, but smart players will wait until you back up to fire to put rounds straight through your hull front and turret. Derp guns will rip you apart.


IS-3 can reverse sidescrape but you need to be careful of your turret roof weakspot, and obviously derps will negate the advantage. Don't bother sidescraping frontally because the pike nose is very weak and prioritising safety means you never get to poke out to take a shot. Let a box tank do the sidescraping for you and you can work the front-mounted turret for easy pokes.


Most of the time you'll want to stay behind hard cover and only poke out when you'll be able to get a good trade. Sidescraping takes time to position your tank and may impact how long it takes for you to maneuver your tank to punish a mistake. Going nose-in is fine if you know you're not going to take return fire.

GenErwinRommel #4 Posted Feb 09 2019 - 04:35

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Russian bias pal

the tank can be on its turret and still blow up half the team and hardly get any damage to boot

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