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Frontlines Tips and Tactics?

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vonluckner #21 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 11:02


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Tanks aside, I think the most important thing is to pay attention to how teams are distributed and be ready to flex across the map. This is where fast tanks are so valuable. If you cap B and notice that you're outnumbering the enemy in your sector, and that A or C haven't been capped yet, you can swing in behind the defenders and pressure or even break their map-edge defensive positions. This is important because you'll often see people bail from sectors when they aren't going well. This is both counter productive and against your own interests when on offense- some of your best games will be fought in the meatgrinder sectors where you're fighting 2:1 and your team is taking the rest of the map. On defense, read the map and make sure you're spawning somewhere relevant. If a cap is overrun, either hold your spawn to spawn into the next layer or spawn elsewhere, since some caps (D for example) can be overrun very quickly and will be hard to escape from in slow tanks.


Some cap zones are also easier to cap than others- both A and B can be rushed and taken within the first couple minutes pretty reliably.


You dont necessarily need a light tank (though I'm loving the M41D), but imo anything slower than a Defender/Liberte/Patriot is really too slow to be good in the first two rows of caps. Skorpion/SU-103pm, Progetto, WZ-120 td are really excellent for this reason. They can really [edited]up people in heavy tanks while having good speed.

Atragon #22 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 14:08


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My key tanks are: T-25 Pilot, Progetto, T26E5.


My SP and Pilot use the same crew so I can not use both of them in the same match.

golruul #23 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 18:01


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View PostLuckyStarr, on Feb 12 2019 - 03:38, said:


I didn't bother with combat reserves yet, are they influential? As in, can they make the difference between winning and losing? Which reserves do you recommend?


I was under impression you can only go through 3 tanks and if all 3 are on cooldown, you have to wait and you can't take a 4th even if you have it. Did I misunderstand this? I only have three in total so can't test this assumption.


Yeah, combat reserves do matter, but I mostly never remember to use them, so I always pick the engineering thing, which is always active.


You can go through as many tanks as you have.  So if you die every 5 minutes and the game lasts 30 minutes, you can go through 7 different tanks.  I wouldn't recommend that, though, because you have to pay repairs for each of those tanks.  A better strategy is to cycle through 2-3 tanks.


I mentioned getting four tanks as the magic number because you can get into a scenario where you have three tank lives left and then die three times in quick succession.  If this happens you'll need a fourth tank.  If you quickly die again then you'll have to wait 5 minutes anyway to respawn, and by that time another previously used tank will be repaired.

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