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100mm vs 122mm on IS

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Dr_Doofenschmirtz #1 Posted Feb 11 2019 - 20:46


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I've been thinking about this for a while and I haven't come to a conclusion yet as both sides of the argument are convincing. The 100mm has good accuracy and rof, while having lower alpha damage. The 122mm though has the same pen as the 100mm, an almost 5 second reload difference, and a lot higher alpha damage. It seems that the 122mm is good for peek-a-booming, but the pen is low and the reload is long. So if I do manage to pen something, the enemy would probably rush and hurt me much more than what I did to them. Also, the fear factor I think won't exactly work as the reload is pretty long.

CynicalDutchie #2 Posted Feb 11 2019 - 20:52


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I'd use the 100mm, only thing the 122mm has going for it is alpha and thats really not that helpful in the grander scheme of things. The 100mm also has better gold pen which really helps a lot nowadays.

cloudwalkr #3 Posted Feb 11 2019 - 20:54


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The 100m is good for being alone on a flank. 

The 122m is good if you tend to hang with a group of other tankers.  


I'd say it's down to your play style.  If you find yourself alone a lot and need that faster reload then try it out.  If you are always running with a group that can support you on your reload then I'd probably go 122m.  Some other things to consider:  The 122 can double over match 50m side armor making some tanks much harder to side scrape against it and it can triple overmatch 40m of armor which is kind of big sometimes.  The 100m can't do either one.


One more note about the 122. You're going to want to make sure every shot counts so you'll need to carry enough premium rounds to pen higher tier stuff when you do see them.

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