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legolion17 #1 Posted Feb 11 2019 - 22:27

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Hey guys! So I just bought the T110E5, and I've noticed this tank could use some buffs. I'm going to suggest what they could buff, and I'd like you guys to suggest what they need to buff on the T110E5.


So it feels like when Wargaming designed the tank they kinda stopped halfway and chucked it in the game. It could be a good hulldown tank (if it was developed a little more,) it could be a good fast heavy (if developed) and it could also have been a frontline heavy.


My suggestion would be to make the speed from 37 to 45-50 kph tops and give ti an engine that can get there. If you need to nerf the armor, go ahead, but give it the good speed. Also I think you could buff the gun depression from -8 to -10. Please do one or the other, wargaming. This tank feels like it could be so many things but you left out a little bit.



tigerajk #2 Posted Feb 11 2019 - 22:54


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the tank is fine for pubs, never going to see the light of day in competitive because of super conq.

cKy_ #3 Posted Feb 11 2019 - 23:18


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The T110E5 absolutely does not need a buff. The last time they buffed it, it became the best heavy/medium/light/TD in the game, and it took them a whole year to nerf. And when they did nerf it, they nerfed it the appropriate amount. The real problem with the E5 is the Super Conq. 

Mustang2209 #4 Posted Feb 11 2019 - 23:27

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And now the  Super Conq has a problem with the new Chieftain.

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