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FL in short sessions

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omi5cron #1 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 00:35


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i will try to play 2 hour sessions of FL every day this week. so at least 5,maybe 6 FL matches per day.. so far my go to tanks are blackdog GF, progetto, (always), third tank if needed has been fv4202,t44-100,or 5/1 RAAC. i may shoot for 2 hours each day BEFORE work,or split it into morming (longer) and evening (shorter).


frankly i will only play regular matches tomorrow after server restart to finish avenger and then the 100k match.after that its ALL FL.


this is perfect for me,unload any gold so straight regular ammo,and get some training on several crews. a nice wide open map with only your tier tanks to face.stats dont matter after-match,only the credits and exp and stage rewards.i hate city maps and even with the choke areas here,it doe not feel like city maps (except in the city!)


so far my only disappointment is one from last FL as well.that tiny one-lane bridge across the canal! with no railings!already had a falloff while trying to cross.im guessing its intentional to make it a high-risk,high-reward thing.


i really wish i had more time for this mode...this is what i had always hoped for in this game.(i like mobility).heck i may try to extend my daily sessions to more time but we shall see. good luck to all!

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