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I dread getting the attacking team on Frontlines

campers suck

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Jryder #61 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 18:24


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I generally know what needs to be done but getting everyone to work in unison to achieve it is a pipe dream.


Instead, I look for situations in which my helping out would be the difference. For example, yesterday on A or B, the Left flank seemed pretty open except for a T34B behind some rocks a ways back keeping our guys from supporting our capping. I notice one of our mediums start heading that way so I (another medium) backed him up. The two of us dealt with the T34, and as we finished with him a Lowe showed up from their spawn. We worked him over and defeated him too, while the other medium got killed during the Lowe battle. Just as we finished, our side won the cap. We traded 1 medium for 2 heavies that they needed to defend the cap. Pretty satisfying engagement.


Those little subplots are what make the game fun for me, but I never expect those to be played out in a larger scale (8-10 guys working as a team) because it just isn't realistic. Some people will take the initiative (charge the cap...) but unless others look for those opportunities to chip in, it is an empty gesture. 


Some will lead.

Some will follow, not knowing why or what to do.

Some see opportunities to make a difference and exploit them.


Probably not enough of the first, far too many of the second, and I would hope a growing number of the third.

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