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Old Login Screen Mod | World of Tanks

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lancer36 #1 Posted Feb 14 2019 - 04:00


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Remember the old World of Tanks? If you are like me and you like the old days better, than this mod suits you. This mod changes the login screen back to the old login screen back from patch 7.5. The music and the pictures are all from the old World of Tanks.


There were two songs, that were chosen randomly, that played in the login screen. I can only import one. If you want a version of the other song, then let me know please.


There is also one thing that I cannot figure out how to do yet. There are sparks that fly across the screen in the version of World of Tanks now when the video is disabled and back in patch 7.5. I have not figured out where the files are for that animation. When I figure that out, I'll try to add them in.








Extract "audioww" and "gui" into (World of Tanks Directory) res_mods\\

And you're done.


If there are any problems or suggestions, please let me know via email: lancerharry74@gmail.com



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