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Tank Art Radmanart Radman_art Tank Art Contest

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2ndAD2015MPD #1 Posted Feb 18 2019 - 12:02


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Here is my entry I just completed:



Tank art I have done since January 1 2019 seen here also and more tank drawings:http://radmanart2ndhome.blogspot.com/


While I am waiting for the server to come back up:


I may enter this contest; even though because of the fact that there were so many trolls bad mouthing my tank art, freely given of me. I vowed never to do tank art as long as I lived. I broke that vow around Christmas time of last year. I may enter these drawings: 


You can see these drawings here:



If you do not believe that people could troll relentlessly; a pure in heart artist; just wanting to freely entertain fellow tank fans, read these pages:


First Series USA WW2 Tank:


Part I: http://forum.worldof...-of-radman-art/
Part II: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-ii/
Part III: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-iii/
Part IV: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-iv/
Part V: http://forum.worldof...man-art-part-v/
Part VI: http://forum.worldof...i/#entry9982897
Part VII: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-vii/
Part VIII: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-viii/
Part IX: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-ix/
Part X: http://forum.worldof...man-art-part-x/
Part XI: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-xi/
Part X: http://forum.worldof...man-art-part-x/
Part XI: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-ix/
Part XII: http://forum.worldof.../#entry10059853
Part XIII: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xiii/


Second and Newest series Rad Tanks Man:


Part I of part II: XIV: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xiv/
Part II of part II: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-xv/
Part III of part II: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xvi/
Part IV of part II: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xvii/
Part V of part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xviii/
Part VI of part II: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xix/
Part VII of part II: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-xx/
Part VIII of part II: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xxi/

Part IX of part II: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xxii/

Part X of Part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xxiii/



no trolls


New team damage and kills: here



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cKy_ #2 Posted Feb 18 2019 - 13:00


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You should really work on making your 2s not look like Zs.

The_Illusive_Man #3 Posted Feb 18 2019 - 13:10


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Um...... This isnt an email.... So email it....

N8tverainmaker #4 Posted Feb 21 2019 - 06:00


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Good job...may I ask if this months contest has to be woodburning or diarama can itbe a painting

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