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Yet Another “I’m Trying WoT Pc Again” Thread...

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tankeatingtiger #1 Posted Feb 18 2019 - 20:41


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tankeatingtiger checking back into the PC side of tanks. 

Taking a short break from Blitz (check out my YT channel btw https://m.youtube.com/c/tankeatingtiger).

Coming back to PC to find that my skills haven’t improved at all. I come to you guys humbly seeking guidance. 


Ok, here goes. A lot of questions.

1. With all theunfamiliar stuff in my garage, what should I check off of my to do list right away and what should I not touch? (Crew skills, storage, missions, etc)

2. What are the most common mistakes that Blitz players make here? For me I am having trouble with penning stuff because no hitskins plus unfamiliar tanks, getting shredded by said unfamiliar tanks, and map positions. So mostly game knowledge.

3. As I just said, what are low tier tanks that I should avoid fighting at all costs? Running around in t3 right now, with type 91 and Stuart.

4. Are those tank choices good for a noob? I just picked those because the Japanese heavies are memes from OneandOnly, and Stuart line cuz ‘Merica.

5. Anything I have forgotten?


Thanks so much, hoping this game and these forums will be just as enjoyable (or possibly more) than Blitz.



Ortinoth_ #2 Posted Feb 18 2019 - 20:47


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you can go on tanks.gg to find armor profiles of any tank in the game to help you also has a compare so you take your tank gun and vs and you can see where to pen etc. learn the pen values min and max rolls for it for your tank, watch other players play the game etc

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