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Is the M4 Sherman Jumbo a superior route to the T29 compared to the m6?

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maxman1 #21 Posted Mar 02 2019 - 01:25


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No. Go through the M6.

Rolkatsuki #22 Posted Mar 02 2019 - 23:06


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I went to the T29 from the M6, having the 90mm to start off with from there really doesn't feel that bad or if you're a liability to the team.


My friend on the other hand for some reason started grinding T1 heavy but stopped say he didn't like the tank then decided to grind from the M4 that they already had to get the Jumbo and grab the T29 with the starting 76mm gun  and took it straight into battle, I face palmed and our recruiter then at the time that wanted to platoon up with us just raged quited upon hearing all this lol.


To put it simply grind through from the M6 not from the jumbo unless:

- you have enough free xp to research the 90mm as soon as you got ther T29 or...

- you have grinded through the T20 already.

AZandEL #23 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 00:39

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View PostFirebirdXIV, on Feb 19 2019 - 15:50, said:

Hi everyone! Just poking round to ask some advice. I have the m4 Sherman, and am looking at getting to the t29 via the Sherman jumbo. I would free xp to the 90, because the 76 is sh*t. If I do that, is going through the sherman jumbo faster or more effective? Or would the experience from the t1 and m6 be valuable when playing the T29. 

 Thanks for your help! 


Hate to tell you but dont get your hopes up for the T29 - it is a garbage "heavy". Frankly almost as bad the AMX 65t. T29 had its day about 5 years ago but in 2019 meta it regularly sees t8-9 that just own it - esp the autoloaders. The hull and esp front hull MG opening is a glass chin. Being a heavy everyone wants you up front but it cant do that. A horrible grind to get to the top gun too. Good luck.

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