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bull58 #1 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 03:37


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First of all these wheeled lits need to be taken out of game they are ruining the game.They pen everything they shot at .And here is something that is not fair. I shot one today with my foch he was broad side i did no damage to him what a joke he should have been destroyed. Yesterday hit one with my E75 0 damage what a joke then he shots me and takes me for 30% of my health.All so getting tired of 95% of the time being 2 tiers down. Run a tier 6 your guaranteed to be in and 8 battle and cant pen any thing.Run a tier 8 your in a tier 10 battle cant pen tier 10 with any of my 8s. All so this game is about nothing any more except speed which is wrong. In real life lites were armored cars and could not pen any tanks they were used for fighting infantry.Allso stacking teams is a crock I have notice that all the high average players are on 1 team and so so players on the other team.I am all so getting tired of all the Battle losses because of this.I qUit buying gold tanks because they have to fight 2 tier higher. Use to buy a gold tank to have something different. Either good speed or heavy armor and a great gun and only fight one tier higher. This has all changed for the worst. Like i bought the Eagle 7 makes louse credits and very bad base xp made a real mistake buying this.Gold tanks all use to make good credits but they changed this. When i quit playing my money goes with me. Have a nice day . All so 5 and 6 lits in battle are to many.

_Tsavo_ #2 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 03:50


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The wheels of the wheeled tanks are excellent at tanking shells.  You'll need to aim for upper mass and turret, otherwise you'll risk the tires eating them.  I think they are a rather enjoyable addition to play.  Zip-zooming around and dodging shells all while keeping the red lit for days.  Delicious.


The Eagle 7 is on you, a quick glance over its stats would have let you know it's incredibly mediocre, basically being a medium with heavy tank mobility and no armor or useful trade offs for the sluggishness it has.  It can't get to medium fights and it can't fight the heavies so it's stuck in a limbo ground of all around bad support medium that can't really flex.  And that's coming from a dude who loves the American and British hull-down, gun-depression vehicles.

Augustus_Sohn #3 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 04:11

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You have been playing this game since 2011. You have seen this game come a long way. In all that time a number of game-changing vehicles have come along and people said "this will ruin the game!" and it hasn't. Well, it hasn't in my humble opinion. Arty change, high-tier lights, physics changes, and now wheelies, just as examples. 


So what was done then that cannot be done now? Back when the other big changes came in, we (rather, you) all got used to them and adapted. No? At first it was a pain, but you got used to it. So that will happen again. 


Chin up. Try to look past what bugs you because soon you won't even notice it.

KingAuthur #4 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 04:39

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wargaming is doing what it does best

lying and screwing themselves

g327 #5 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 04:44

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OP: We can tell that you must be really bothered bc you've posted only 20 times in 8 years and 49+K battles. You certainly are entitled. I am glad that you got your vent out.


You are spot-on about the Eagle. Tsavo is being kind in his review of the vehicle. I got to drive a maxxed out Eagle with a multi-skilled crew during the Sheriff's event this past December.

It was...how do I politely put this...a dog. I feel for you for buying it.


I have only been a WoT player for 14 months, so I cannot reliably comment whether wheelies are going to ruin the game or not. I know that they are a challenge to kill in T6/T7 battles. But I have killed more of them than they have killed me. And I certainly do not see many of them making it through to the end of a battle.


Maybe the upper tiers are different bc the player skill level is better, I do not know.


I do know, however, that Augustus made several valid points. The wheelies certainly change the game style, but for worse, better, or just different, we will see.


Just try to hang in there and find some ways to enjoy playing the battles the MM hands you.


dunniteowl #6 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 18:13


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Wheeled Vehicles not that big a deal.  It only took two weeks after they came out for the same tired old Anti-arty, anti-mm, anti-gold round rants to start making a comeback.  Two Weeks?!?!?  For something that's going to "kill" or "ruin" the game?  Really?


Now the forums are back to 'normal' with folks whining about arty, MM, gold rounds, RNG, this or that tank that needs nerfing or buffing (or both) and all that other tired hoopla about maps and realism.


Wheeled Vehicles, to be the Apocalyptic Doom they were claimed to be, should at least have been at the top of the complaint list for at least three weeks as a minimum.  Haven't even lasted a month and folks have pretty much forgotten about how 'broken' they are.


As a wait and see sort of person, I'd say that the wait to this point allows me to see that they WVs are no big wheel in this game.


I feel ya, brother, but the issue is and has always been at the top of my list as the Biggest Problem With This Game:  Players.  We are such a fickle and capricious lot.  Saying doom and end here, screaming unfair and broken there, all the while touting our love of a game that causes many to spew such hateful things.


Yeah, it's the players, man.  Nothing else is as broken, crazy, poorly programmed or badly designed when it comes to playing this game.






SporkBoy #7 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 18:18


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Dont forget ranting about WG ruining overly complicated missions for free stuff and the games certain imminent demise.

Copacetic #8 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 18:21


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The cars are crap I agree.

I_QQ_4_U #9 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 18:41


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What's a lit?

redjkent #10 Posted Mar 01 2019 - 20:49


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the wheeled lights are here to stay get used to it, also learn to aim better that's your problem work on it instead of complaining

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