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Incoming! Frontline Episode: 2

KRZY FL Frontline Episode 2

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MMI_SPI #121 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 21:57

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I wrote all my points in previous month's post. No point spamming it since WG doesnt listen to feedback.


If any of you cant figure out the problems of this mode, or just wanna argue theres no problem to it.... Its just effin sad, your the reason WG is going ham on pay-to-win marketing and still making millions per year.

badmonkey59 #122 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 23:53


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Frontlines has gone down hill fast. It was super fun at first, but once people learned the 'Speed Rush' it lost all appeal. Bad teams are as common in Frontlines as in Random Battles. A clueless bunch just farming some damage without any interest in winning.

cktamoore #123 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 00:18


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Game play was good, the main issue I had was every other tank spawned in was locked up, no turret or gun movement

Five_Solae #124 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 01:05


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View Postbadmonkey59, on Mar 20 2019 - 23:53, said:

Frontlines has gone down hill fast. It was super fun at first, but once people learned the 'Speed Rush' it lost all appeal. Bad teams are as common in Frontlines as in Random Battles. A clueless bunch just farming some damage without any interest in winning.


Not sure its gone too far downhill, but the "Speed Rush" does make it really hard for defenders. People are refusing to try to go in to reset a cap because of a couple of reasons:
1. Guaranteed focus fire will kill your tank if you go in by yourself (and most other won't help) and you get to sit around an wait for a couple minutes until your next tank loads.

2. If the base is capped and your tank is not super fast, there is no way you will be able to get out of viewing range from the attackers -- see point 1.

3. Running the view camera over the map looses its appeal really quickly and you can't rank up if you can't play.


Thinking that the 5 minutes for new tank interval is way too long. Suggest a 2 tank starter queue and a max wait of 1 minute till next tank comes in. 


"I believe everyone in the zone should get rank credit for capping however anyone who provides capture points should get bonus points regardless of whether they finish the cap. I have been in heaps of matches when me and my platoon mate go in to cap and just before we cap out we get destroyed and get no credit for the cap. This is frustrating also everyone (well most) in the zone provides some kind of support to cap or decap so all should get some credit." -- Skorpian -- good point, had this happen LOTS. First on cap, first dead, by the time back in, cap is done and no points.

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TheWoods #125 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 02:01


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1. Combat reserves should be an equal amount for all tanks.  Why give three only to the ones able to do the most damage?

2.  Didn't like the fact that so many tanks leave a certain zone.  It should be limited so you don't have three players always getting screwed to play one zone.  I saw tanks suicide to get in a different zone at the beginning of the battle.  Maybe need to have them drive to the other zone.

3,  Too many wheeled/ lights in areas that are behind lines.  What is the point of losing an area if you can still transit thru it?

4, Shot so many rounds that I barely made silver in some losing or winning matches.


BeerBarrelPolka #126 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 02:26


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I dig it.  Love the mode.  Thoughts:

  1. change the map just a bit here and there so it is a bit different each month.  
  2. Capturing zone C is a beast... it can be done but it seems to take the most work for the attackers.  not sure if there are any adjustments needed
  3. reticle goes a bit crazy at times which makes it hard to aim.  I see that others have reported it.  I use the standard, ingame reticle.
  4. I had a blast.  look forward to it each month!  
  5. I would love to buy some really cool tanks in game with gold... doesn't have to deal with FL but I thought I'd mention it.  Bring some from the Prem Shop to ingame.  

Saiga12 #127 Posted Apr 03 2019 - 03:14


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"""Ok,  Not sure if I like defending or attacking.  Have a question on the Combat Reserves.  I have them on my tank, my question is when you are in battle, do they automatic activate?  Also, I only play for a few hours a day, and wish you can earn the prestige points easier than doing the 30 tiers 12 times.  I have the other 2 tanks, so I guess I will just play and have fun.


Any pointers on what to do for defending or attacking, I will like to hear, or maybe WOT can explain alittle more in details how the Combat reserves work, and also their opinions on defending or attacking.  there at not too many places to go in cover to reload when you are defending also."""


 I like the FL mode myself but agree with the quote above , its hard to grind when you have to work for a living,,  


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