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Incoming! Frontline Episode: 2

KRZY FL Frontline Episode 2

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ARCHERSFALCON #41 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 12:29


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I get tired about players talking about limiting arty and arty strikes! Look at it this way, would you rather get slapped in the side by a tank destroyer for 500 hit points and in 8.5 sec get slapped in the side again for 500 hit points. Or, every 32 sec you might get hit for 300 hit points by arty. Arty does about 300 avg, very poor reload time (30 plus sec) and very bad accuracy. Oh by the way those heavy's are rolling out 500 hit points dmg every 10 sec also lets not leave them out. I know which one i would rather get hit by. Please don't come back and say they just hide at the rear. I watch heavies hide behind bldg entire matches and do that stupid back and forth rocking movement. I personally wish I could blow all the bldgs down around them to keep them from camping the entire match.  OH yeah most heavy players camp....find the closest city with tall buildings and warehouses and you will find the heavy campground!

MisterLeeD #42 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 12:57

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Okay so might be time for another map if possible.

I get it folks just want to rank up and not that worried about winning but it should come with some kind of incentive.

CSM_Sapper #43 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 12:57


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I had great time playing FL again, at least I got better at it! I had problem with npt being able to fire in sniper mode.

Thumper_E23 #44 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 13:12


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I love playing front line, and in-between the the first two episodes I've unlocked four Tier 9's,  Love the game play, but I have one comment, improve the terrain around Zone B, to make it easier to defend.

3RiversRegt #45 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 13:20


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WG need to modify Frontline map.... I like the fact that until zone A is capture for exemple ... Attacker can't attack zone D.. and same for zone B and C ... they should consider do the reverse when zone A is capture and attack is in zone D, defender should not be able to access zone A... same for zone B and C.


And they should not make accessible final objective until 2 zone (D, E or F) capture....


Now with those "S HIT ON WHEEL" the tactics is to capture only 1 line A and D for exemple and then they go attack Objective 5 the further and track vehicle can't cover.  The same go when on defense "S HIT ON WHEEL"   in defense run zone A B after there capture to shot from far and runaway...


Those 2 problems remove lots of fun from the Frontline game.

GunnerWanted #46 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 13:27


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View PostMisterLeeD, on Mar 18 2019 - 12:57, said:

Okay so might be time for another map if possible.

I get it folks just want to rank up and not that worried about winning but it should come with some kind of incentive.


I second both of those points.


Sure I like to win but honestly I am only in it for the prestige points so ranking up in the battle is more important to me than protecting / attacking the main objectives. Hell you don't get jack for protecting the main objectives and why run the gauntlet to do dmg to one when you don't get more xp for shooting at the main objectives than you otherwise would shooting at the tanks that protects it.


and yeah, its definitely time for a new map or two for this mode in order to keep it interesting.


Without new maps or something to shake things up this mode will quickly get as boring as the Dark Runner (Halloween event back in 2018)

moondog83013 #47 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 13:33


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OKay, my first rant. Defenders can NOT go in the back of the starting zones (A, B, C) and shoot tanks of the attackers before they even start to move. GREAT ...  Once a zone is taken by the attackers, the surviving defenders have to leave the zone or be bombed to death. GREAT ... The ONLY thing I don't like about Frontline is that once the attackers start working on the next zone or even the final zones ... the defenders are allowed to make it deep into the rear areas and snipe the spawn points ... and the repair points sometimes making it impossible to put together a coherent attack ... why are they not continually bombed to death at this point? 

blagger #48 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 13:48


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one thing is im sick of being is defender almost 70% of the time and its very one side u are almost guaranteed to lose I cant be the only who experiences this, would like a winter version or something to change the same map over and over :/ but then again I guess war gamming likes to make grinds boring as hell apart from these small things not to bad hope there's more fun to come !!!!!

Annie_Oakley #49 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 14:00


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Not sure which side I like to play, Attackers or Defenders.  If you are defender, there are not too many places you can god to defend, I think I like being on the attackers side, but always see like im on the defending side all the time.  Also, would like to have a new map.  Still trying to get threw the first prestige.  I don't think I will make it at the speed that I play, I cannot play all day long, only for a few hours a day.  So I guess I will just enjoy playing and have fun and collects some rewards and leave the tanks for someone else.


It would be nice if they explain the instructions a little better.  I know how to get the combat reserves working, but when you are in game, its either #7, 8, or 9,  when you hit that # to activate the airstrike, do you just hit enter or do you have to hit the # again?  Sometimes I get a little confuse on that.  


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Tugboatct #50 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 14:04


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I think there should be a limit to the Number of wheeled vehicles not only in Frontline but also the main game.  other than that, having a blast playing Frontline even tho I see a lot of hacks and cheat mods being used.  also in the near future maybe make another frontline map or allow players to be able to pick their 1st tank after they know if they are defending or attacking.




AbleArcher11B #51 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 14:07


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I enjoyed playing Frontline and made it to Level 4. My thoughts on Frontline:

1.  Attacking Team: From what I've read in the chat and in the comments below, there is some confusion among players as to the goal of the game. Some wanted to take their time and rank up to general while others wanted to get to the turrets ASAP. I was part of a rapidly moving attack force and one that was stuck trying to make the first cap (Zone C was notorious for this.) It mostly has to do with the defenders, not my predetermined strategy. If they stayed too long when their cap was captured, we maintained contact with them while they retreated. If they never turn to make any form of resistance, we pushed on. I am not about to stop because some of my teammates want a slower game so they can make general. If I stop for their sake, then how am I supposed to move up the ranks?

2. Defending Team: There were games where I was dug in defending the cap and found myself surrounded with no teammates in site. while waiting to respawn, I click tab to see the status of my team and M for the map to see where they are at. There were games where there were only 4 defenders in the zone. A portion of the zone team moved to another zone immediately and others were far back in the next zone. When I respawned, I was already in contact with the attackers and ended up waiting to respawn again. That usually led to the situation I described with the attacking team. As a former infantry officer, I understand covering fire to allow my teammates with withdraw under fire. I don't expect the average player to understand it, so perhaps a series of tutorials that emphasize teamwork on the battlefield would help ease the frustration some of the players are experiencing. 

3. I played every type of  vehicle, including the wheeled vehicles. Each has its own pros and cons. With the armored vehicles, although I enjoyed the fast paced game, in the end I usually didn't earn many credits or receive a high rank. And with a limited view range and short lifespan I didn't feel I was OP. But I did find a lot of players camping out in the back of the front line not helping their teammates cap. So they deserved to be circled and killed. Your best shot at surviving is being with your teammates trying to capture the zone, not looking for a safe place waiting for an opportunity to farm credits and rank points.

4. I enjoyed playing SPGs but it can get boring waiting for a game because so many players were in the cue. So the 3 per team limit is fine. I'm getting pretty tired of this SPG hate. But when 3 super heavies are capping and my team was falling like flies trying to take them out, I found myself very useful. But if I didn't keep a safe distance from the fight, I was a beached whale waiting to be feasted upon by the enemy's light vehicles. Combat isn't fair. It is semi-organized chaos. Get used to it.

5. A lot of anger this session. Most of it, in my opinion, were from players who don't understand that it is just a game.  Have fun and try not to take it too seriously. It is a long way to the end of the Frontline season and plenty of time to move up.

latvius #52 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 14:08

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Arty gets 3K dmg and 3K assisted = General rank, I do 10K dmg and 2k assisted and get Major rank wth???


Arty should not be able to use arty strike, or just get rid of it altogether.  Makes no sense to let arty play in the mode then give everyone a mini arty.  Just make it smoke screen, recon and toolkit.


Turrets should be impervious from front and sides and any tank should be able to pen rear, this should slow down the fast tanks killing unguarded turrets a bit.


You should be able to see player layout in respawn, tired of respawning in an empty zone, currently players are steered towards fast tanks in order to travel the long distances when you are needed elsewhere.


Need more incentive to win, players just farm for prestige.


Defenders need a buff, defense usually = loss

Viktor_Wolf #53 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 14:15


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Thank you for bringing this back.


The only obvious concern:   Given the prestige mechanism, many players have started to simply farm damage rather than attempt to fulfill their roles as "attackers" or "defenders."   For example:   In too many matches, both the attackers and defenders are happy to just continue to slug it out in Zone A without ever challenging the cap circle just to farm damage, even while the other zones have progressed to E & F or even the final objectives.   Can make for a very one-sided adventure if you as a defender have 10 or more of your team farming 5 attackers in A, with 25 of the attackers actually going for the end-guns with 20 or less to defend.


If you were to change the way prestige is calculated, and not just by damage, you could easily correct this issue.  


Reduce the bonus to Prestige overall, but give a bonus modifier for success in the overall objective (defenders defend, attacker attack).   You already do this for credits and research credits.   You should do it with Prestige calculations as well.


As it is now, reaching Captain gives a fixed Tier bonus of +600, regardless if you win or lose.   Reduce it to 300, and add a 2x modifier for a win.


That would stop damage farming and make players actually attempt to fulfill the objective.

GunnerWanted #54 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 14:21


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One thing that REALLY bugs me with FL is this scenario: The team on my spawn zone is having a really hard time attacking the cap .... the heavies camp mid rear like scared little girls and the flanks are not being controlled. 

Okay so I see this not going anywhere so I decide to take my heavy tank onto one of the flanks to assist our meds and td's on that flank in winning it. Success! So now we continue the flanking maneuver to start putting pressure onto their heavies in the mid that have been holding off our heavies from getting onto cap. We make them turn their attention to us and while we battle it out our heavies and whatever else that where cowering in the back rush onto the cap. In the meantime we are still battling the enemy heavies and between their shells and the incoming fire from re-spawning enemies we finally gets killed off but the cap is successfully taken.


AWESOME! ..... or is it? .... I mean sure ... we got extra time and we can now progress to the next cap and so forth


.... but let's go back and look at what actually happened at the cap:


A handful of tanks makes a hero move that enables a successful cap. These tanks gets a little xp (rank progress) for the damage they did during that move and gets killed in the process. At the same time you have the scared little girls camping rear which now see their moment, crawls out of their little holes and runs onto cap. These guys get reward as frikin' heroes with super high xp (rank progress) for their 'bravery' .... FML


Now you might think that the 'scared little girls' are your regular low skill players you see in randoms ... but that is NOT the case .... no, the scared little girls in this scenario knows that they wont get crapfor doing the hero move on the flank. They know to wait until the enemy gets distracted an then make their move to scoop up all that sweet xp (rank progress)

WHAT A SCREWED REWARD SYSTEM !  .... It does not encourage/reward intelligent battle movements based on contribution, it only caters to the individual players greed


..... pathetic design



uZiq #55 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 14:30


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Frontline is awesome.  I wish this was a regular mode you can play all the time.  Some thoughts:


1.  Please grant more rank progression for wins.  People are yelling at their teams to not go for objectives and saying win / loss doesn't matter.  The main issue is losing generals get the same frontline progression as the winning generals.  Maybe just 300 extra for everyone that wins, or take 150 from the losers and give to winners.  Whatever just make winning matter more.

2.  Increase the armor on the sides of the turrets.  TDs with high pen can pen 5 from very far away.   I was able to destroy objective 5 several times using heat and the su-101 while it was well defended.

3.  Turrets are too easy to gank.  Instead of big battles fought around them it's more often lights battling and taking them down.

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eraser1962 #56 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 15:11


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I send my HUGE congratulations to World of Tanks for offering Frontline.  This game mode is a HOME RUN!!!  I don't know if your numbers will back this up, but it sure seems this mode might be the biggest draw and success in over 5 years. I am betting the numbers of players has had a big spike?  It seems like Frontline mode would easily be the most popular if it were offered full time.


For purposes of my feedback, I would like to try to separate Frontline the battle mode from Frontline the Prestige economy.  I believe that the Prestige economy (earning ranks during battle, earning prestige points) is a WONDERFUL EVENT / PROMOTION for once or twice per year, but if Frontline were to become a daily mode, this should NOT include the Prestige economy.  I believe the economy of random battles would work fine.  Simply make the mechanics of Airstrike, Smokescreen, Inspire etc...consumables which would be similar to other parts of the WoT random economy - earned as rewards, but also available for purchase via credits, gold and offered for sale in bundles like boosters are now.


I realize building maps is a huge effort, but I believe the Frontline mode would work well  for 15 v 15 battles down one grid line.  Perhaps some of the current maps could be adapted and expanded. 


It is well documented that World of Tanks numbers have been in decline over the last few years.  It's CLEAR World of Tanks Frontline is an awesome achievement.  Congratulations. Making this the primary form of battle with plenty of new maps would surely seem like the biggest step EVER in making World of Tanks a gaming SUPER POWER.  And if building enough maps quickly enough or you didn't want to dilute the player base and match maker queues, then you could simply introduce Frontline into the RANDOM battle queue.  Now you would have a chance at playing Frontline mode, Grand Battle Mode, and Capture the Flag mode, Encounter mode.  When there were enough maps you could decide on whether to separate the Frontline mode into a separate player queue.



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Leftshoe1 #57 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 15:26


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Love FL, however, wheeled tanks really take away from the enjoyment!  They are too OP for the game, especially on such a large open map.  I was watching a streamer going close to 80, was locked on a tank, jumped off a small rise, shot in mid-air and still destroyed the tank he was locked on to, another did over 10k in damage and 7k in spotting.  Nothing like getting spotted and snipped from a tank that was not suppossed to spot and snipe.  What's next, hover tanks with lazers and smart bombs?

crossbow37 #58 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 15:47


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Hello, really enjoy the FL, but it seems we are living on the edge of fantasy, i understand the wheel vehicles in the WOT arena. But lets get real, the tires of that time do not repair or with stand the pressures of gun fire that well. Speed well it is good and they were use are recon so they really did not have that huge of gun, and lets get real the accuracy is really stupid. i miss more with a TD that is stationary than the guys running these wheel vehicles. Optics and auto lock was not up to par. So please adjust to way less armor to say speed is fitting, and the gun is OP and way too accurate. Nerf the wheel vehicles. Cause if you keep running the lights mediums and wheel at this rate why play a heavy? but if you do not want to ADJUST these vehicles, then by all means please buff heavies to the scale of KV5 and the O-HO.  thanks and maybe a FL for teir 6 and one for teir 4. this way youo can have FL three times a month. thank you.

Anublister #59 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 15:57


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View PostJaspo, on Mar 17 2019 - 07:22, said:


Excellent idea. This would also balance the ATT/DEF winrate fairly nicely, most likely. No.




Now, onto bugs.

1. Intermittent lag spikes. Last time I experienced this I did all sorts of things to fix my connection, only to finally find out in the end that it was all Wargaming's fault. So, I'm assuming it's the same story this time. Minor issue

2. Fog effect sometimes doesn't clear after leaving smoke. Very minor issue

3. Consumable keys sometimes have no effect. This is also true in random battles, and seems to have some funky thing to do with fullscreen not setting right or something...alt tabbing out and back can fix the problem, but only after it's way too late. I didn't experience this

4. Bad collision geometry on certain rocks and objects, you can see through but can't fire through. Also true in randoms. Not a bug

5. Automatic range finding still adjusts according to whatever's behind what you're trying to shoot when the mouse moves off it, rather than staying at the range of the thing you're trying to shoot, causing the aim reticle to go crazily high in some cases Major bug

6. Infrequent aim glitches going in and out of sniper mode, where it doesn't remain pointed at what you're pointing at, but instead the sky, ground, etc... Not a bug, minor if anything.

7. Constantly being lit everywhere all the time. I guess this is supposed to be a feature and not a bug, but it's freaking annoying. Not a bug, not an issue.

8. Light tanks bounce approximately 50% of shells fired at their armor (and not their tracks). With this astounding bounce rate, they, and the LT-432 most notably, have a better apparent armor rating than most tanks, even most heavies being fired at frontally. Perhaps the auto bounce angle mechanics need to be re-examined?Not a bug, not an issue. 

9. Wheeled tanks are virtually untrackable. Again, this is probably intended as a feature, but in it's implementation, it comes out as a bug. Not a bug, not an issue. I got killed tons of times in my wheeled vehicles. Your experience does not support changing the dynamics.

10. It is questionable whether spotting assist damage added after you die applies to your rank progression. Not a bug, not an issue.

11. Certain rank progression does not get applied until after you respawn (most noticeably when you die while blocking a cap, the cap points blocked don't appear to increase your rank bar until after you respawn) meaning that if your last tank dies and you don't respawn before the battle ends, you will not be given your earned rank, and I am certain that this has happened to me more than once...again, this could possibly be intended as a feature, but it is firstly too stupid and secondly too unfair for me to think that anyone could possibly consider it an intended feature, and so I'll assume it's at best an oversight or visual glitch and at worst, a bug.Not a bug, not an issue, getting some exp at respawn is fine. Considering the length of the battle and the amount of battles needed to grind prestige, this comes across more like a whine or complaint than a bug, and doesn't detract from the gameplay.

12. The rank system is cute and all, but as stated above it's incredibly annoying to be one shot away from the next rank and not get it; it would be much better to just award rank points directly according to how many you earn. Also the rank bar appears to be a progress bar with visually diminishing progression for each rank, which is many types of bad; hard to gauge, unnecessarily complex, unintuitive. The same can be said for the increasingly difficult progression of the frontline tiers. So, not a bug, but unhelpful design. As you state, not a bug. (maybe create a complaint bullet point instead of listing in this "bug" list?)

13. If you have engineering and are shot while on a resupply zone, the timer for the zone resets to the full 3 1/2 minutes or whatever the default is, rather than the 2 minutes with engineering. Again, maybe an intended feature, but seems like a bug. Why would engineer reduce the reset speed? It increases your hp replenishment, not the time the resupply resets to re-heal you.

Nice reply, so I'll just add my thoughts to what you typed.


Please enable the disabling of battle chat that is available in regular mode. I don't care what Timmy or Tommy had for breakfast and I certainly don't want to read their manifestos. Also bring back map spam time outs, it doesn't work well in any battle mode. Ideally I'd like to remove both chat and map pings.


There is a huge advantage to platooning so people, platoon.


Spawn camping happens, it's human FPS nature. Minimap awareness and teamwork help alleviate this as well as switching fronts. Remember any defender spawn camping attackers is further away from the frontlines (pun intended). I like making arty fearful and having to think about playing this game with more than one hand. That said this could became an issue later on. If WG sees this becoming a problem I would suggest perhaps an attrition to health over time while behind enemy lines and limiting resupply to two times if you are way behind the enemy as well as having recurrent intermittent arty strikes. For the most part these problems resolve themselves with a decent team so all-in-all I don't see it as a major issue. (seal clubbers club)


My biggest frustration was the playerbase, as usual, but that's life. The map and tactics became self evident to me after a number of battles, but for some this epiphany never happens. I gave up a long time ago trying to educate/cajole/persuade others my idea of the most fruitful way to achieve victory and I heartily suggest anyone who bothers to read this to do the same. You cannot force a random player to play the way you think is logical or beneficial. You can only affect your own gameplay.


This mode was way overdue and continues to be my preferred method of playing this game. Kudos to WG for implementing it. I think the one week a month schedule is fitting and appropriate, giving three weeks off to mend fences with girlfriends/wives/family is wise and sanity restoring.


As with all static map types, players will find ways to exploit and discover key sniping points and other areas to gain advantage. I find this is natural in games and expect it to continue. That said creating more maps would only enhance gameplay. As a challenge I'd like to see a dynamic 2x3 and 1x3 modular map that could be randomly generated, (perhaps a megalopolis) that would add tremendously to forcing players to adapt to a changing map and not get stuck in the Valve/counterstrike dilemma that occurs when players play the same map ad infinitum which reduces the play to rushing to LOF choke-points.

Silverbullet #60 Posted Mar 18 2019 - 15:59


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I never had a issue with FL, I missed last month's and was playing catch up. I made it to lvl 30 and restarted and made it to lvl 20 and I also made 20 million in credits. The only thing I really seen was ppl using gold, why would you spend money in this mode at tier 8. Oh well I guess. Also on the arty thing I have been railed for way more than 300 dmg. I got one shotted a few times by arty in my strv which i thought didn't happen anymore. But I can't wait until the next one to grind so more

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