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American Premium Tanks

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7x57_2018 #21 Posted Mar 09 2019 - 17:54


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View PostZuikakoo, on Mar 09 2019 - 17:34, said:

The Super Pershing is really the best option in my view.   Its crew doesn't line up with the Tier 10 and there's no way to train up some rather important secondary skills on you Patton crew.   In the Patton the Loader is also the radio operator, and Situational awareness is a must, but the Super Pershing has a dedicated radio operator.   I would also mention that this puts the Super Pershing at a bit of a disadvantage because your loader has skills he can't use and is in effect, a skill down from the rest of the crew, however this a universal problem, the KR has this issue as well as the more obscure T25 Pilot 1.   The only tank that is actually set up for training an M48 Patton crew is the insanely rare reward tank T95E2.


I'm now really struggling with the decision if I even want to use the gold on a crew trainer.  From what I have been reading the Lowe or for that matter the T34 is a good credit maker.  I could go that route and not be concerned about having a crew trainer.  Because of wanting to use gold and not cash I'm limited to my choices.

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