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T57 Heavy

T57 Heavy U.S.A

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rodrigosz #1 Posted Mar 09 2019 - 02:54


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There are some replays that I see on YT which the T57 has some details on it like a mounted machine on top of the hatch with a shield and some bags and crates behind the turret with suspension piecies on the side of his turret which a normal T57 Heavy doesn't have and I'd like to know how it works so I can do the same with my Hellcat and M4A3E8 Sherman , can someone explain me how it works ?


Ndtm #2 Posted Mar 09 2019 - 03:01


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Sounds like they're using a mod, a skin/model mod to be specific, you can browse https://wgmods.net/ to see if you find one you like

Absols_blade #3 Posted Mar 09 2019 - 03:01


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I believe what you’re refering too is the Christmas skin for the T57 heavy. If this is true, then it wouldn’t be able to be applied to any other tank. Unless you are able to find a modded skin for your hellcat or M4, however only you would be able to see it. The skin from the Christmas boxes (and other premium skins) are the only ones that are able to be seen by other people besides yourself 

Waarheid #4 Posted Mar 09 2019 - 03:06


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As mentioned, what you are seeing in the replays is a camo package for the T57 that was avaialble from this past Chrismas' gift boxes. There were packages for a few other tanks as well, but not for the two tanks you mention. If you want a Sherman the looks different you'll either need to buy one of the Shermans from the Premium Shop, or download a skin (which other players won't get to see).  

It has no benefit over regular camo, aside from looking cool in a different way. 

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