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Natural Cover Directive Broken?

Concealment Natural Cover Directive rating camo

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MakersMike #1 Posted Mar 10 2019 - 06:30

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I'm confused as to why the natural cover directive works on some tanks and not on others.  I will provide you a link to the topic I already posted in the Forums that has attached screen print examples.  Someone told me that it's just Wargaming balancing and picking and choosing which tanks can use it or not.  But my 59-16 has better camo than my Type 64, but natural cover works for the 59-16 and not for the Type 64.  That's backwards balancing which makes no sense.  And I've never been informed about this behind the scenes balancing, so I assume he's incorrect.  Here's the start of the post, then a link.  Thank You for any help!

It works on some tanks, but not on others, with no consistent pattern.  


Example 1:  My 1390 has 100% crew, 2 have 100% concealment, the commander has partial concealment at 61%.  The natural cover directive adds nothing. My bat chat 12t has 100% crew.  2 have 100% concealment, the commander has no concealment.  The natural cover works.


Example 2: My type 59, 100% crew.  3 have 100% concealment, the commander has partial concealment 80%.  The natural cover works.  I move the exact same crew to my Type 64 which also adds a radio operater, also at 100% with 100% concealment.  So 4 with 100% concealment, commander partial at 80% like the Type 59.  The natural cover adds nothing.


Example 3: My Jagdpanther has 100% crew.  2 have 100% concealment, 3 have about 95% concealment.  The natural cover works.  I move the exact same crew with zero changes into the Dicker Max.  The natural cover adds nothing.  Broken.


Also did a couple random ones.  My charioteer 100% crew, 3 at 100% concealment, 1 ad 93%.  Natural cover does not work.  Panhard AMD 178B.  100% crew, 3 have 100% concealment, commander at 75% concealment.  Natural cover does not work.  


It has nothing to do with the premium tanks because I checked a couple others like STRV S1, IS-6 B etc. and it works on them.  


I will add some screen prints in the next few posts so that you can see.  One pic of the tank with natural cover applied and one without.  You can see the concealment numbers on the right for the ones that increase, and the ones that don't change at all.  If anyone knows why this would happen, please explain.  Thanks.  Also for the ones that work, when I highlight the directive it shows the power bar and how much it will increase.  For the one's that it doesn't work, there is no power bar.


Link to entire post:



Please help my confusion :-)



Lucid_Nonsense_1 #2 Posted Mar 16 2019 - 01:34

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I found that it's broken if some crew members have it at 100% and some have it partially trained, the tank will not get a bonus then, at all. If I have a crew member with 0 cammo, it works again. WG - explain please?

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Imspotting #3 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 05:43

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SOLVED see http://forum.worldof...er-not-working/

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