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Zip_O_ #1 Posted Mar 12 2019 - 04:29


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as I said in the first Frontline. I am still having trouble when I get killed in the game and go to the next Tank. When I start shooting. No rounds come from the gun what so every. so after my first tank is killed, I just ride around in the game trying to ram some one. Till the game is over, Not much fund. would like for you to look at this.


PS. removed the mods and it still doze the same thing. also haft the time camo don't work.

GenPanzer #2 Posted Mar 12 2019 - 04:47


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That is def something wrong with some local files then. I'd attempt a full uninstall/reinstall. I'd go so far as to remove any remnants of World of Tanks from your registry and your appdata directory. Do not install any mods at all until you test if the problem is fixed. If it's not, then I'd almost lean towards hardware issues (perhaps memory or corrupted HD; something that would corrupt files, maybe a virus??).

Bombachka #3 Posted Mar 12 2019 - 21:54


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Hello, the problem is that the connection with

the server was lost after the connection, everything was reset to zero.

cavalry11 #4 Posted Mar 19 2019 - 16:37

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No real helpful hints, get of your high horses.

Dirtle #5 Posted Jun 23 2019 - 23:05


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Ok I've fought 34 battles in Frontline and didn't get crew exp I was using crew personal reserves for 300% I'm sure I will never see those again because wg has never fixed one issue I've had on my account. The customer service on this game is non existant. 

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