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PSA - T-28E with F30 on sale in the Premium Shop

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MiddleAgedNoob #1 Posted Mar 14 2019 - 20:37

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The tier IV Russian premium medium, the T-28E with F30, is on sale in the premium shop for 10 USD for the basic package, and they throw in 500 gold and a 100% crew.


This tank differs from the tech tree T-28 by trading DPM. mobility and gun handling for a higher alpha slightly higher pen 85mm gun, 10 more health and substantially better armour.  The 85mm is the same as the one on the tier V heavy KV-1 (which the T-28 leads to), but with slower reload and worse gun handling.  It has the same crew lay out as the tech tree T-28, so you can move the crews back and forth easily.  It can serve as a trainer for Russian mediums, although it, like the T-28, has two Radio Operators, which will be superfluous at higher tiers.


It is a fun tank.  It plays more like a teir IV heavy than a medium.  Its gun packs a real wallop and its armor can be effective against lower tiered vehicles, especially the machine gunners like the Sp1C.  It has 43mm of HE pen for 280 average damage, which can be very useful as well.  It can pose a threat to higher tier vehicles, as the 120mm pen with 160 average damage with standard AP is nothing to sneeze at.  Just be aware that your armour is next to useless against higher tiers and its poor gun handling makes aiming fully essential at anything except close range.  Like the T-28, it is a big target and its reduced mobility makes it an arty magnet.


I got it as a reward tank, and still roll it out occasionally for the lols.



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sargev55 #2 Posted Mar 14 2019 - 21:08


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I call that one the F-dirty.

Great tank, doesn't care if it sees tier six either.  Also has rather high view range with a good crew and optics. 

SwipertheFox #3 Posted Mar 14 2019 - 23:37


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Haven't played it in a long time. But it's a fun tank with a big gun and for 10 dollars it's not a bad price.

ChaseR392 #4 Posted Mar 15 2019 - 03:43

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When I saw Tier 4 with an 85mm gun I snagged one... its fun.

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