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So... can we buff the T110e5 now without the sky falling in?

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Hellsfog #21 Posted Mar 16 2019 - 04:02


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Who let a console peasant in here? 

godspeed40 #22 Posted Mar 16 2019 - 04:48


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...umm, ok dude, if you can play well with 12 fps with constant drops to 5 fps and constant crashes almost every other game, then truly you are a god. I'm not shoving my state's in anyone's face, I first brought up my stat's because someone asked for them, second, to prove I'm not asking for a T11oe5 buff because I suck in it. Yes, I shudder to think what I could do in a Super Conquer since it's a mega buffed T11oe5, what's wrong with that, if I do very well in my T11oe5 then it stands to reason my performance would be amplified by using a flat out better tank. My cranium is just fine, everyone has a tank they consider themselves amazing with, you are proving your cranium isn't. If you read all my comments I have provided plenty of objective points that can be discussed, you clearly didn't want to discuss them. If me mentioning my stat's extremely brief in 2 of my posts and again in 3 out of 9 posts (now ten) then you are more guilty of stat parading, having your state's in a box for everyone to see. 


I mention my stat's to say "I have played this tank and am speaking through experience" not bragging.

Meant for death_stryker

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WIZD #23 Posted Mar 16 2019 - 05:14

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No if it's not Russian suck it. Straight fro the devs mouth to here.

mikeathome87 #24 Posted May 29 2019 - 03:46


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really sad how many trolls just coming onto this reasonable forum post to just be toxic. cKy_ doesn't read whole post and then tries to act like someone pulled a fast one on him ROFL.


People looking to shoot down a poster by challenging their stats, and looking to go at character assassination rather than having a serious discussion about the merits of the post are trash.


As long as the T110E5 has that ridiculously massive commanders hatch, it's a liability in clan wars against other t10s. Take the Super Conq, basically better at every meaningful stat than the t110e5 WITHOUT the giant "shoot me here" sign. and it fires FASTER.


And yes, I've played 1400 games in it and yeah my stats aren't unicum, and yeah I'm a real person... seriously get a life if that's your weak excuse for critical thinking is to just go to some tired bogus attack. If you think the tank is fine as is just say it... don't be toxic.

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Tankity2 #25 Posted Dec 07 2019 - 02:42


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I've been trying to play mine for quite a while. I can't pen hardly anything, anything and get slaughtered by tier 8s.  I can't understand why any tanks after years need reconfiguring. That just shows what they do with new tanks. Just made up crap. After a while everybody looks around and realizes all the tanks theyve played for years suck except whatever they've bought recently. This is the reason I dont spend much on this game. It's all rigged. Since I'll never get to play war in a real tank, I love this to be as real [edited]possible. This game has awesome mechanics, but the realism is drifting away. As is my desire to play. I'm 54. They are trying to attract kids with these weird colors and gimmicks, but losing the mature players, which incidentally have more disposable income and increasingly more free time.

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